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Industry metrics
and how to verify the data as credible for reporting and transparency.
Thus PORTA was born to provide members with an ongoing snapshot of the catalogue industry and for
the broader industry to use as an understanding of print’s position compared to other media channels.
“A key goal of ours is to grow, protect and promote the strengths of the industry. PORTA is a critical part in ensuring print is on the table for discussion with media buyers and marketing investors. Creating an industry metric portal is a critical step to understanding where we
sit as an industry and how we can spark conversation about vital
print channels such as catalogues, newspaper inserts and letterbox marketing more generally,” says Kellie Northwood, CEO, ACA.
How does it work?
PORTA will see the ACA collaborate with research partners and members to understand consumer readership. Collaboration with printers will measure units and distributors such as Salmat, PMP Limited, Australia Post and Fairfax will provide relevant metrics for the sector. From obtaining the relevant information from all parties within the printing industry, the portal will include the datasets for members to review and consider.
The process for PORTA is simple. Contributing companies enter their respective sector data into the portal, and from this, a de-identified report is released to obtain an industry overview. This automated report with credible industry data will provide companies with relevant information to identify and understand forecast opportunities.
“There are independent reports such as Ibis World and PwC media outlooks which have their place; however we needed something more refined and direct from the industry. The PORTA system also provides members with quarterly data, which is more useful than annual updates,” says Northwood.
“It’s a team effort from the industry. If we want accurate results, all parties must contribute to gain the full scope and appropriate measurement of each sector. Creating this online repository for catalogue and letterbox marketing research and industry metrics will assist the ACA to continue our discussions
in promoting the sector as a credible, viable and prosperous player,” she says.
There is a possibility of extending PORTA to engage other sectors of the printing industry. 21
Every industry likes to know how it is performing, where it stands, what directions it should take. Measuring the printing industry, its size,
make-up, employment and output
has long been high on the wish list
of printers large and small. Now the Australasian Catalogue Association (ACA) has grasped the nettle of compiling metrics on the sector for the benefit of its members, and eventually for the industry as a whole. The ACA has introduced PORTA, an online metrics dashboard measuring results across paper, print and distribution volumes, market segmentation, imports/exports and more.
As a secure dashboard, PORTA will provide insights into industry trends allowing forecasts, trend analysis and industry projections for members
of the ACA. A second section is for customers and marketing investors. A media currency is being developed that maps readership of print marketing, powered by Roy Morgan Research
and the third section is a repository for ad-hoc research promoting the effectiveness of print marketing and how it works with other channels.
In developing PORTA as a part of the ACA’s focus
on the promotion of the industry, a priority to ensure strong industry metrics was key. It began exploring
ways on how to gather data from
each printing sector
Distributors to provide monthly statistics on the distributed units via the Letterbox and Newspaper Insert.
Printers to provide market segmentation of Top 200 clients. Distributors to provide market segmentation of Top 200 clients.
Paper tonnage / distribution weight to be provided highlighting possible shift in pagination over any unit decline.
Liquor / Department Stores (including Discount) / Automotive Finance (including insurance) / Fashion / Grocery – SALMAT Furniture – PMP Limited Addressed – Australia Post / TSA
The Australasian Catalogue Association is launching industry metrics portal PORTA for the 2019 year after many months of preparation. According to Kellie Northwood, chief executive officer of the ACA, the long sought-after information will change the way the industry and its customers regard themselves and the effectiveness of print, especially catalogues, as a communication medium.
Metrics Title
Distribution Statistics
Market Segmentation Data
Raw materials – tonnage
Market Segment – Readership / Engagement
Print Unit Statistics
Printers to provide quarterly unit volumes of catalogues printed. This include large web format AND short-run loyalty publications.
Employment statistics by Type (FTE/PTE/Contractor), State, Metro/Region.
Audience Reach
Audience Reach aligned with ABS per household and post office box able to receive catalogues. Excluding No Advertising Material and Business Addresses (fixed) and Business Post Office Box.
Distribution Standards Board (DSB)
Incoming/Outgoing Requests – as established. Government / Departmental assessment of recommendation. Local Government liaison.
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