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Print technology
For as long as digital printing has existed, customers have wanted
to print on standard
offset stocks, without pre- treatment. This enables printers with both offset and digital to match appearance, colour and texture between processes and, most importantly, saves money over expensive inkjet coated stocks and pre- treatment. Screen claims its Truepress Jet520HD is the world’s first inkjet printer, using specially developed SC inks, to print on normal litho papers.
Books now printed digitally on offset stocks
thumb when it comes to purchasing new technology is that if my grandma can’t operate it, I don’t buy it.”
PODWW started the installation in January 2018 and it took just three weeks to have the Screen Truepress Jet520HD up and running. Cork confirms the shift from toner to inkjet: “The HD press combined with the SC inks was the turning point in getting PODWW to shift from a toner-first to an inkjet-first company. The ability to print directly onto offset coated paper, without the need for pre-treatment
or expensive bonding agents means we can meet our customers’ quality expectations whilst making a margin.”
“The ‘book of one’ is about producing books as they’re needed, instead of having warehouses full of stock which may or may not be bought.”
The 150 metre-per-minute (equivalent to over 10,000 B2 Duplex sheets per hour) Screen Truepress Jet520HD is equipped with Screen SC inks for outstanding colour and fast drying on coated offset stocks.
Peter Scott adds: “PrintOnDemand-Worldwide is forging a new path when it comes to streamlined book production. Screen technology and workflow supports that vision, so we’re delighted and hope that its success is repeated in Australia and New Zealand.” 21
Screen GP Australia’s managing director Peter Scott is enthusiastic about the results he is getting from the new Truepress Jet 520HD with SC inks. “We have run many tests for potential customers here and in New Zealand,” he says “and the results on normal offset litho stocks are very impressive indeed. We are hopeful that this will translate into a first installation later this year. In the meantime, we are seeing multiple installations around the world, with great results.”
One of these is Peterborough,
UK’s PrintOnDemand-Worldwide,
a custom book printer owned and run by Andy Cork. PrintOnDemand- Worldwide (PODWW), services the trade, academic, STMs, journals, photo-book, training and self- publishing sectors.
Cork says: “PrintOnDemand- Worldwide focuses on a ‘book of one’ approach. Stakeholders want to hold content, not stock. Customers want books on-demand, they don’t want to wait. The ‘book of one’ is about producing books as they’re needed, instead of having warehouses full
of stock which may or may not be
The Screen Truepress
Jet 520HD
at PODWW, Peterborough, UK.
bought, whilst incurring cost and tying up much needed cash.”
He adds: “The Screen Truepress Jet520HD press contributes to
that vision with its consistent high quality and outstanding productivity. Screen is the industry’s biggest
secret! Whether it’s a litho first-print or a POD reprint, there’s minimal difference in quality. The speed and the impressive uptime of the press means we can produce in excess of 4,000 books in a shift, even with our average run-length of 1.75 books, with a focus to deliver them same-day/next day depending on the product line.”
Digital – the next level
The Screen Truepress Jet520HD is
a high-definition inkjet web press with precision droplet size control and a true print resolution of 1200
x 1200 dpi, achieving the colours, textures, details and solid ink areas expected for high-end publication work. Running at speeds up to 150 meters per minute, the press is highly productive, requiring negligible downtime for maintenance.
According to Cork: “The Screen press is very user friendly. My rule of
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