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Hit all your inspection + packaging targets
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Ishida, CEIA and Key Technology inspection systems from Heat and Control assure precise, consistent detection and rejection of product containing foreign objects, missing or damaged pieces or packaging defects.
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What the IIoT can do for you
The Industrial Internet of Things is the cornerstone of the Industry 4.0 transformation – but many manufacturers, due to cost, fear, lack of knowledge or all three, have been slow to take it up. Yet the IIoT has plenty to offer, says Mark Dingley, CEO of
TMatthews Australasia.
HE IIoT can make manufac- turing safer, more effi- cient, and more profitable – it’s not just about ‘objects, sensors, big data, cloud technology, inter- connectivity and the in-
ternet’, according to Mark Ding- ley, CEO Matthews Australasia. “The IIoT is about smart con- nectivity and data. It’s all about the ability of physical devices to connect with the internet so that one device can talk to other devices and pro- vide valuable data and
insights,” he says.
IIoT technologies can boost
manufacturers’ operations in several ways, the first being improving food safety – a valu- able prospect, as product recalls and withdrawals from failure to meet standards can be devastating to a brand.
“IIoT can track ingredients, packaging and finished goods faster and more effectively: for example, by using food sensors connected to the in-
ternet to monitor production times, shipping times and temperature so manufactur- ers can keep a constant watch on refrigeration temperatures throughout the production, transportation and storage of food,” says Dingley.
Additionally, the IIoT can boost efficiencies thanks to its big-data capabilities, says Dingley. “Analysing the data from IIoT can bring many advantages in preventing man- ufacturing downtime and the continuous effort for better efficiencies,” he says.
“On the factory floor, one of the biggest advantages is how sensors and connectivity can provide a constant flow of data to optimise workflows and staffing. The IIoT can monitor production flow in real-time to eliminate waste and unneces- sary work.” ■
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