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Where cap meets tap
A success story at the 2018 WorldStar Packaging Awards, Caps and Closures’ Precise Pour lid is designed as a pouring solution that doubles as a cap and
can be applied through traditional capping methods.
January-February 2019
THE Precise Pour picked up a nod in the domestic and household category at the prestigious global WorldStar packaging awards. “This award is truly exciting for our company as it shows the skills of every aspect of the team
from design, through to tooling and into production,” says Brendon Holmes, managing director of Mel- bourne-based Caps and Closures.
“It shows the world that while we may not be the largest manufac- turer in our market, we are defi- nitely an innovative player who is looking for the next step into inter- national markets.”
Manufactured at the company’s site in Dandenong, the Precise Pour went through more than 80 3D- printed prototypes.
“This led to a design that takes a leap forward in the functionality of the simple tap, both for the consum- er and the packer. It is simple to ap- ply, intuitive to use, hard to damage, and performs unlike any other tap on the market,” says Michael Van Dord, technical and design engineer at Caps and Closures.
“The Precise Pour has features in all areas of the cap which create a unique user experience. It offers tam- per evidence, anti-surge, variable flow, 180 degree opening action, 360 degree pour, plus it has anti-binding lugs and an anti drip lip,” he says. “The cap is suitable for any product with a water-like consistency; there-
fore, the scope for the Precise Pour is huge and includes products that re- quire venting, as it can easily be adapted to have a venting feature,” Van Dord says.
“The current applications are agri- culture, chemical and food product markets and, in particular, hazard- ous chemicals where prevention of glugging and spills are paramount, providing excellent safety solutions.”
According to Van Dord, the initial impetus for the project came from the company’s customer Seasol.
The Precise Pour is manufactured at Caps and Closures’ Dandenong, Victoria facility.
“Seasol’s only comment was that they would be interested in a tap that has the ability to pour through the centre of it,” he says.
“The initial design was around a 38mm neck; however, it quickly de- veloped into both a 38mm and 58mm project with a few concepts designed around making it adaptable for many neck sizes, including a design for a water container with a short neck.
“As it wasn’t a project that was specifically required by any one cus- tomer, much R&D went into keeping the technology as broad as possible for use in multiple applications,” says Van Dord.
Caps and Closures currently man- ufactures Precise Pour for the local market, but plans to take it interna- tional as well. The company is not resting on its laurels, either. With- out revealing any details, MD Bren- don Holmes hints at a project cur- rently underway that his team believes will disrupt the market much like Precise Pour has done. ■
It shows the world that while we may not be the largest manufacturer in our market, we are definitely an innovative player who is looking for the next step into international markets.”
– Brendon Holmes, managing director, Caps and Closures

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