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44 Eddie Gulmen
The Infinite Coding Technology is bridging the gap between print and the internet.
54 Ali Ridha Jaffar
Web to Print is transforming businesses, and printers need to attract the talent
to match.
60 Andrew Macaulay
The PIAA is taking to planning for its future like a duck to water.
62 David Crowther
Colour Graphics Services brings the latest Techkon colour-measuring technology to Australia.
64 Andy Yarrow
66 Ruth Cobb
there is a silver lining for NZ printers.
68 Doris Prodanovic
What effect will media mega-mergers have on vital regional newspapers.
71 People in Print & Classifieds
Who is in the news, plus the essential classifieds - buy, sell, trade.
38 Dragon Print
Dragon roars with new Gallus Labelfire hybrid press.
50 Soar Print
Venerable New Zealand printer invests in Océ VarioPrint i300.
52 Blue Star Web
IVE Group plant makes major finishing investment with Rima.
58 Read Labels and Packaging
Melbourne operator expands into flexibles with new HP Indigo 20000.
The Print21 Cover
New technologies, new opportunities.
warm welcome to the latest issue of Print21, my first as the new editor. It's a real pleasure to be here. The prospect of providing premium print industry news and information to you over the coming years from the Print21 hotseat is an
inspiring proposition.
I have been reporting and analysing the business of print for
three decades now - the next drupa will be my eighth. As I enter my fourth decade the fascination with this remarkable industry only grows stronger. And why would it not? Print is life in a microcosm, reflecting everything that is going on in the wider world, the good, the bad and the ugly.
As the world in which we live is transitioning so rapidly over the years so is print, the clanking noise of the press hall now replaced by the almost silent operation of digital machines, the noxious chemicals of the repro department replaced by electronic files laser beamed onto plates, and soon the labour-heavy bindery to be filled by robots.
Throughout all this technological development it's the people of print that inspire, the men and women who lead print businesses, who are using their intelligence, vision and courage to drive forward in a world where competition is intense, from both within the industry and from outside. It's you I look forward to working with, to informing, to sharing the journey.
Change will continue, but one thing remains constant in publishing, Content is King.
Major career moves are not taken lightly. I made the move to Print21 because I believe this is the media best situated to provide what the print industry needs – engaging, relevant, compelling content, that adds value to you the reader, that leaves you feeling informed, empowered, encouraged.
The team we have here at Print21 is simply unrivalled in the Australian and New Zealand print media industry, as is the commitment to creating that quality content, and the backing to deliver it. Check out the pages in this issue, that are packed with stories of new developments and the people that are living them, to see what I mean.
EFI bringing new technology to Australia.
Welcome to
PA r i n t 2 1 S e p t O c t Kiwi business confidence slumping, but
This month’s cover has the new DoT, the bridge betweeen print and digital. Download the app – ScanM – onto your mobile and scan the figure Cover printed by Hero Print on stock from Spicers with spot coating by Allkotes.
Wayne Robinson

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