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Wide Format
High Volume Digital
Computer- To-Plate
Since its beginnings 150 years ago, SCREEN has been concerned above all else, with precision in graphic technologies. The vision of Saigiro Ishida in 1868 endures today for our customers to enjoy higher uptimes, greater reliability and precise reproduction.
150 years of graphic precision 1868 -2018 75 years of company incorporation 1943-2018
SCREEN Truepress Jet SCREEN Truepress Jet SCREEN PlateRite W3200HS II digital flatbed L350UV+LM digital label press 4600Z Computer-to-Plate setter:
Automated Workflow
printer with roll option
with low-migration inks
SCREEN GP Australia Pty Ltd
Autoloader available as option
Tel: +61-(0)2-9016-3400 • Toll Free: 1300 305 118 •

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