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PIAA paddling to progress print
There is a metaphor about ducks. They look calm on the surface, but unseen, under the surface, they are paddling like crazy to move forward.
That metaphor is analogous of your PIAA Board and staff team, supporting Industrial Relations actions for members across all States, lobbying State and Federal Government for recognition of the print and packaging sectors, and arranging events for members. We also have some exciting new commercial benefits for members to announce.
Your Board is now looking to the future, made possible by the foundational work is has done over the last two years, and from stabilising the core business.
In consultation with members, the Board is defining where PIAA will be in the next three, five and ten years. Recent wins, such as the recent re-establishment and funding of print training in South Australia, point to the value of a strong and focused association.
“Recent wins, such as the re-establishment and funding of print training in South Australia, point to the value of a strong and focused association.”
PIAA is achieving stronger engagement with our broader community. I have spoken at one Australian national print and packaging conference and one international print conference since last writing this column. There was positive feedback from both of these events,
and valuable information for our industry derived from attendance at both.
I commend the members of our Board who have personally engaged in supporting critical
Andrew Macaulay
PIAA is currently engaged in a significant range of actions designed to benefit members, and the industry at large, writes CEO Andrew Macaulay.
activities that build profile of
the association. One Board member has taken this engagement in conferences and media comments further, and actively recruited members.
Our president has personally attended meetings with Ministers and Government officials, and was instrumental in the recent success in South Australia.
PIAA events activity is on the rise. With reviews of National Print Awards categories completed, and all stakeholders consulted we have commenced PICA roll out with the first two committees having met.
Print 2 Parliament is looking to be a well attended event, and we encourage all printers to support this industry engagement in Parliament House Canberra on October 17.
PIAA organised and hosted the VDMA’s pre drupa roadshow. So, there is such
a thing as a free lunch for members. We are also rolling out a tech seminar in Sydney.
The PIAA jobs board is now live, in the members section of our web site. The members who have been testing the platform for us have given the thumbs up, so the platform is now open, and free, to all members.
We have commenced a complete modernisation and value add to our SGP programme. More on this in coming weeks, but in summary, using the
power of the certification will bring able to be measured in commercial terms. Existing SGP members are being consulted on this evolution, and we are
in positive discussion with two State Governments about using SGP as a validator of Australian made and quality assured in their purchasing processes.
Industrial relations is not sexy stuff, at all. Like insurance, most people do not think about it until they have a problem. However, this is central to PIAA mission, and critical to our SME members. PIAA continues to work closely with the Fair Work Commission in all its channels. We have engaged
the Commission, State and Federal Government and key stakeholders on vocational training (aka apprenticeships). PIAA is central to ongoing award reviews, and positively engaged with the AMWU.
We share a common interest with the AMWU in Media Super. We have monitored
the Hayne Royal Commission closely. Our industry super fund is an asset for employers and employees that take a great care to protect. PIAA appointed Directors continue to safeguard the interest of members in this important institution. 21
Paddling hard: PIAA

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