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Colour management
the checker
Since taking on distribution of Techkon colour measuring instruments in 2016, David Crowther’s Colour Graphics Services has not looked back, as the German precision manufacturer continues to innovate and expand its range.
David Crowther of Colour Graphics Services, also known as The Colour Doctor, is preparing
to roll out the latest innovations from German colour management developer Techkon.
First up is the Techkon SpectroCheck, a colour instrument reference device for checking measurement and accuracy of Techkon colour measurement devices such as: SpectroDens, SpectroJet and SpectroDrive.
SpectroCheck is both for individual device checking and device-to-
device assurance. Colour measuring instruments are only as good as their accuracy and calibration and can drift withrepeateduse.Justasaracecar engine needs fine-tuning so colour instruments should be checked and calibrated regularly
The four colour samples on the turn-wheel consist of a colour-stable, neutral ceramic and are factory- referenced to colour calibration
data of the US National Institute
of Standards and Technology
(NIST). Digital colour data and the
application software are stored on the integrated USB flash memory.
SpectroCheck uses SpectroConnect Windows-based software for checking the colour accuracy of SpectroDens, SpectroJet and SpectroDrive
devices. The software is stored on the integrated USB flash memory inside the SpectroCheck colour reference platform. It is also a free download from
Once inside SpectroConnect, the SpectroCheck software module will lead users step-by-step through
the check procedure. The resulting window reports if the measurement device conforms with instrument specifications. Verification of measurement accuracy can also
be achievedthroughtheTechkon ExPresso Windows software, version 3.2 or higher.
Test results can be documented, printed out and archived with all relevant data such as serial number, quality report and date, creating a reliable record of colour accuracy of Techkon instruments, and furthering the attainment of perfect and consistent colour, says Crowther. 21
Precision: Techkon SpectroCheck NG
New SpectroDens4 wins award
The new Techkon SpectroDens4 shone at the 2018 Intertech Technology Awards, organised by the Printing Industries Association of America. It was the only colour measuring instrument of any kind to be so awarded, with the judges particularly liking its 'combination of super-fast measurement speeds, heightened intelligence, and a built-in mode for colour bar scanning'. The judges concluded that they could 'foresee SpectroDens4 becoming the spectrophotometer of choice in many pressrooms'.
About the new version, David Crowther says: “SpectroDens4 includes full support for ISO and G7 methodologies and fulfills M0, M1, M2, M3 measuring conditions in accordance to ISO 13655. It is also fast, with the innovative measurement head allowing a single spot measurement approximately every one second, while the patented, side-aperture design
lets you easily position the optics over the desired measurement location for even faster operation.”
Crowther adds: “Accuracy is of course most important, and the high-resolution spectral engine enables spectral sampling in 10nm intervals from 400nm to 700nm. Users can switch seamlessly between spot measurements and colour bar scanning up to 43-inches long, with the push of
a button, and without the need for additional accessories or the old clam-shell method.
“SpectroDens4 is comfortable and easy to use, with no moving parts because the solid-state spectral engine can deliver unbeatable measurement accuracy and repeatability over time. I am not surprised it won the Intertech USA 2018 Award."
Crowther adds that he is expecting a new version of the SpectroPlate dot reading device later this year.
Colour in pharma-environment
In another interesting development, Techkon has partnered with global pharmaceutical / life sciences giant Merck KGaA to co-develop an innovative, smartphone-based analytical product.
The smart solution works with the well-known MQuant test strips used for water, food, beverage and environmental testing. The user dips the test strip into the liquid, places it on the colour reference card and holds the smartphone with its camera on top of it. The MQuant StripScan smartphone app will capture an image and will calculate and display the measurement values for pH and concentrations of chemicals in aqueous solutions.

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