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Jet Technologies fills the gaps
JET Technologies (Stand D100) has launched a new high-productivity filling and dosing machine in Australia and New Zealand.
The Ilpra Fill Seal R12/4 Tronic rotary filler and sealer features up to 12 stations that precisely fill denestable cups, making it suitable for applications including dairy, dips, desserts, soups, condiment sauces and yoghurt products.
“Supermarkets are demanding new products each and every year, and food manufacturers now need to find ways to innovate. However, with a fixed production profile this
can be difficult,” said Daniel Malki, general manager, Jet Technologies. “The Ilpra R12 filling machine
is the next step towards achieving a flexible future- proofed technology with the speed to produce efficiently.”
The Ilpra R12 can process up to 9000 cups per hour with an accuracy of plus or minus one percent, and its modular design means it can be customised to suit each manufacturer’s individual needs.
“Ilpra has a strong reputation for cup fill seal supply in Australia
through Jet Technologies, and this new machine is the strongest offering for the local
market to date,”
said Malki. “Jet Technologies has high expectations that this machine will allow food manufacturers
to build
solutions to
meet the
changing tastes
of Australian consumers.” ✷
tna takes an integrated approach
FOOD processing and packaging solutions provider tna (Stand A170) is concentrating on high- performance solutions for AUSPACK 2019.
The new equipment on display at tna’s stand will include the Robag 5 high-speed vertical form fill and seal system, and the Ropac 5 side-loading case packer. These two systems are among the fastest integrated packaging solutions in the snack industry, tna claims, and are capable of
processing up to 300 bagsperminute.
speed and flexibility at an affordable price.”
The Centris 315 is designed for the slicing and shredding of fresh vegetables, while the Dorphy is equipped for slicing, dicing and stripping of
vegetables and
fruit. Each can be
used stand-alone or aspartofaline.✷
According to tna, the company offers complete turnkey solutions for every step of the production line, including materials handling, processing, cooling, coating, distribution, seasoning, weighing, packaging, inserting and labelling, metal detection, and verification.
Visitors to the stand will be able to see tna’s flagship equipment for themselves, and learn about what the company
bills as its recently-launched “ultra-high-performance”
systems. ✷
Summit cuts through the noise
SUMMIT Machinery, agents for FAM, (Stand F060) will exhibit industrial food cutting solutions at AUSPACK 2019 in response to high demand.
FAM has noticed growing interest from customers in its FAM Dorphy tridimensional slicer and FAM Centris 315 centrifugal slicer and shredder. This is because businesses such as catering companies and providers of specialty products
are in need of speed and flexibility, says Guy Baeten, strategic director at FAM.
“Cut quality, flexibility and speed count more than ever, and not only because they increase shelf life. Our customers do not want to compromise on quality and yield,” says Baeten. “Manual labour is too time-consuming and not consistent enough. That is why they turn to the FAM Centris 315 and FAM Dorphy, which offer
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