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Ecolean lightens the load
SMC saves energy
AUTOMATION specialist SMC Corporation (Stand E140) will use its stand at AUSPACK 2019 to showcase its range of energy-saving solutions. SMC’s focus on delivering
cost savings through energy savings will be on display at the exhibition, the company says. According to Tony Randall, head of OEM and key accounts for SMC ANZ’s global account group, the company aims to help guide customers through the process of achieving their energy objectives.
“Your approach to energy savings should be holistic,” he said. “Real savings don’t come from replacing one component and based on this, you need a qualified team to walk this journey with you – from start to finish.”
Among the SMC energy- saving solutions on display at the stand
will be the automatic
leak detection system (ALDS); the AR
regulator series; the SY valve manifold series; the
AS-R pressure valve and A-SQ flow valve; the VMG blow gun series; and the ZK2 vacuum ejector series.
“We are excited to meet with visitors to the show and to discuss the potential that exists,” said Randall. “Thanks to our comprehensive product range, we have no doubt that we can match any requirement.” ✷
GLOBAL liquid food packaging solutions supplier Ecolean (Stand H185) will bring its EL6 and EL3+ aseptic filling machines to AUSPACK 2019.
The compact, high-capacity EL6 and EL3+ combine competitive operational costs and environmental benefits, says Christian Olsson, director of filling lines at Ecolean.
“When launching these higher capacity machines for ambient distribution, we put a lot of effort into lowering the cost per pack for our customers.
“It makes a difference, not only on offering an even more competitive total cost of ownership, but also on reducing the environmental impact further. We can now offer an easier machine to operate with higher capacity for our customers, all within the same footprint,” he said.
The EL6 is billed as Ecolean’s fastest filling machine to date, capable of filling up to 18,000 portion-sized packages per hour, while the EL3+ upgrades the capacity of the EL3, which it replaces, to 7500 family-sized packages per hour. Each comes with an integrated cleaning-in- place and pre-production sterilisation system, as well as an HEPA filtered filling zone.
“With higher capacities within the same footprint, advanced technology yet easy operations, Ecolean offers a lighter solution,” said Olsson. ✷
Dinies puts safety into the spotlight
UV technology manufacturer Dinies (Stand B014), which has 35 years of experience in the field, will exhibit at AUSPACK 2019 to demonstrate the benefits of ultraviolet
sterilisation for food safety. The UV tunnels Dinies supplies have seen use in
industries such as dairy and in particular infant formula: products can be sterilised
before entering critical hygiene areas, as well as utensils, cans, and lids. Dinies claims they can also extend the shelf life of fruit and vegetables.
According to Dinies, its UV sanitising tunnel is designed for a 360 degree UV disinfection: the products are transported on a stainless steel grid belt, so the UV lamps below the belt can sanitise the goods from the bottom side.
While other methods of disinfection can adversely impact product quality by destroying vital ingredients, Dinies says its ultraviolet systems maintain product integrity. ✷
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