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FlexCAM is a leading conveyor system supplier to the Manufacturing Industry in Australia and New Zealand.
We specialise in reliable material handling solutions for the food, dairy, beverage, pharma, personal care and paper industries.
As the Exclusive Distributor of FlexLink’s full range of products, FlexCAM offers first-class aluminium and stainless-steel conveyor solutions to local manufacturers.
Our highly experienced team can engineer and commission conveyor systems to suit any business need and budget.
20+ Years Local Industry Experience Global Innovation, Local Support Fast and Responsive Service
FlexLink products are the global benchmark for their highly flexible and original design. The extensive range of functional components are easily configured to meet specific production environments.
The modular design enables fast installation and future modifications to existing lines including replacement of damaged parts offering a cost effective and long-term conveyor system to manufacturers.
Quality and Modular Components Rapid Assembly and Installation
Ease of Modification and Maintenance
FlexCAM’s in-house engineering experts can design fully optimised solutions to meet even the most complex production requirements.
Utilising proven modular components, our systems can be built to elevate, wedge, divert, rotate, invert, merge, accumulate, buffer, separate and palletise to achieve optimum production line balance and flow.
This in return improves overall equipment effectiveness and productivity and frees up valuable floor space.
Increased Efficiency Improved Productivity Maximised Floor Space
Unit 139 / 45 Gilby Road
Mount Waverley, VIC 3149 Australia E:
T: +61 3 9542 4400

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