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May-June 2019
Matthews inks deal to
supply KodakT
Matthews Intelligent Identification is in a
new strategic alignment with Kodak that
will see it supply digital inkjet printing
systems for the Australian and New Zealand
packaging, labelling and printing markets. solutions include four new
data printing systems to go straight onto the packaging. For Kodak the alignment provides a national foot- print, and Matthews’ expert techni- cal support.
Dingley says, “Matthews will provide hardware and software inte- gration services to provide robust solutions for printers and converters who are responding to the demands of brands and converters.
“These markets need flexibility, mass personalisation and efficient production for shorter runs with economic, in-line and nearline technology implementation.”
Haggett says, “The packaging mar- ket demands innovative, sustain- able, productive solutions. Brands and creative agencies are now able to make printed packaging a physical touchpoint to digitally connect with consumers, unleashing creative flexibility with colour palettes and substrates, along with operational efficiency to get to market faster.”
The new Kodak Prosper Plus Imprinting Systems are now available. ■
he new alignment comes as the Kodak Prosper Plus Imprinting Systems are launched into the packag- ing industry. These
ABOVE: Strategic alignment: (from left) Rodd Harrison and Paul Haggett from Kodak EIS Division, with Mark Dingley, CEO, Matthews Intelligent Identification.
imprinting components, as well as food-safe packaging inks and pre-coatings for a wide range of paper, carton-board and flexible
film substrates.
Paul Haggett, marketing and
sales director, ANZ, Enterprise Inkjet Systems Division, Kodak, says, “The new Prosper Plus models will expand the capabilities for brand owners to leverage digital high-speed inkjet as a complemen- tary capability alongside other production processes.”
Matthews’ CEO, Mark Dingley, says, “The addition of the Kodak partnership will allow us to provide opportunities to leverage high-speed digital printing capability at speeds up to four times greater than existing digital inkjet technologies.”
The Kodak systems will enable Matthews to offer upstream variable
Custom art labels for gourmet food brand
QLM Label Makers is using Mosaic software from HP to print one-of-a-kind labels on its HP Indigo press, for client Pukara Estate, the gourmet food manufacturer.
files, from which designs were finalised. Nutley says the software to press process is seamless, and the HP Indigo platform, supported by Currie Group in Australia, pro- vides the QLM Group with addi- tional print capacity and the advantages of personalisation and customisation that are the hall- marks of digital print technology.
Despite some initial reservations, Steve Goodchild, co-partner at Pukara, is now seeing the benefits. He says, “The response has been overwhelmingly pleasing – from our production staff to our tasting rooms and social media platforms. The labels are certainly catching people’s attention and converting into additional sales. We are defi- nitely observing strong growth in our club membership.” ■
CREATED for the Connoisseur Club members at Pukara, the customised art series was designed to give members a personalised experience.
QLM was able to combine the tech- nology of its HP Indigo label presses with Mosaic software, which HP Indigo uses to create customised til- ing effects in designs, like those seen in Coke and Nutella product sleeves.
Lindsay Nutley, marketing manager for the QLM Group, worked with Pukara Estate throughout the project, from concept to design, sampling and production. “This project was designed to be some- thing special for Pukara, but most
importantly it need- edtobedoneina style that reflected its brand,” he said.
“The complexity
was finding a range
of images and then
working out the right
way of using them to
achieve the desired result. It is
not as simple as putting an image on a product. As well as being exclu- sive, it had to be something stylish, that people would want to have on display in their kitchen.”
The design and production process involved confirming seed
Making the complex seamless: QLM Label Makers digitally printed customised art labels for Pukara Estate.

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