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May-June 2019
Making it personal
With an Australian-first end-to-end offering, e-commerce drinks business Brewtopia’s integrated model could be a game changer in the full-service delivery of personalised packaged beverages. Lindy Hughson spoke to managing director and co-owner, Jessica Simes.
Five years in the making, and after delivering close on 20,000 transactions to date, e-com- merce start-up Brewtopia is ready to shift into high gear.
The Melbourne-based busi- ness claims to offer an Aussie- first end-to-end solution for person- alised alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages with a fully integrated portfolio of services including online retail, graphic design, digital print- ing, label application and packaging, warehousing, logistics, and compli-
ance and licensing requirements. The company operates a multi- channel sales network across B2C online retail and B2B wholesale and corporate direct, and has already clocked up numerous successes for a diverse range of clients including Stan, Smeg, and Boating Camping
Fishing (BCF).
“We are the only producer of per-
sonalised beverages in Australia with a full suite of drinks,” says managing director and co-owner Jessica Simes, who notes that the company stands apart as an e-commerce company with its backward integrated in-house graphic design and digital print capa- bility. The company recently invested in a short-run digital press but Simes says she’d prefer not to disclose details on the technology at this point, suffice to say it is from a leading print tech- nology provider and one of only 10 installations of its kind in Australia.
Simes has a background in busi- ness management and beverage
packaging – including a stint at global glass manufacturer Owens Illinois as national marketing manager with a remit across the food and beverage category. She says in her career to date she has gained a deep understanding of beverage macro trends, including the appetite for brand personalisation.
“At Brewtopia, we’ve seen a massive shift in demand from mass produced to custom-made products for businesses. Whether it’s bespoke labels or branded packaging, our clients are capitalising on customer- led personalised products.”
“With the rise in popularity of so- cial media, consumers have become content creators looking for that ‘In- stagrammable’ moment. They are seeking an intimate bond with their favourite brands, which is why it is
ABOVE: Gamechanger: Jessica Simes, MD & co-owner of e-commerce start-up Brewtopia.
As a special gift for its platinum customers, Brewtopia partnered with BCF to create customised beer labelling and packaging. Each VIP received a six-pack of BCF labelled beer with rustic wooden branded packing that could double as a tackle box.
vital for Australian businesses to in- vest in products that offer unique ex- periences in order to stay relevant.”
According to Simes, who says the business is ready to ramp up, Brewtopia creates an opportunity for businesses to take advantage of this social media marketing oppor- tunity via a full suite of beverages including premium Australian wine, craft beer, artisan cider, spring water, and gift hampers.
“Whether a client orders one or 5000 customised beverages, Brewto- pia offers competitive retail prices and also manages all the complexi- ties of alcoholic and non-alcoholic compliance and legislation require- ments, including container deposit legislation and mandatory labelling compliance,” Simes says.
“We are small, agile and privately owned, and we’re filling a gap right across the value chain by being able to take a consumer-led personalisa- tion concept and execute it under one roof in runs as small as one bottle.”
Simes says the company’s clientele ranges from big to small businesses, start-ups and not-for-profits.
“Businesses are beginning to take advantage of marketing opportuni- ties in every aspect of customer interaction. And any contact that is not utilised is really a lost branding opportunity,” Simes says. ■
Australian streaming company, Stan, engaged Brewtopia to reach customers by targeting media outlets with customised branded beer for the highly anticipated launch of its Wolf Creek series. To raise awareness and drive excitement for the series, the branded and customised beverages and packing were distributed to 50 media outlets with the aim of encouraging social media sharing and media coverage.

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