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Concerned about Product Contamination? Nothing gets through your defences when it’s a Fortress!
Renowned for their exceptional performance and ability to detect the smallest metal contaminants, Fortress Technology’s metal detectors are available in a wide range of aperture sizes and designs to suit any product or application, including: difficult to detect (wet) products like dairy, fruit and meat and pumped fluids!
Features include:
• Fortress Technology’s Never Obsolete Commitment: backwards compatibility, software upgrades & parts
• Simple set-up & user-friendly operation
• Single product pass automatic calibration
• Self-diagnostic testing
• Detail data collection
Consult the product inspection experts from AccuPak today on your requirements. AccuPak is the Australian Authorised Systems Integrator for the world’s leading product inspection equipment manufacturers:
• Fortress Technology metal detectors from Canada
• WIPOTEC-OCS X-ray machines and checkweighers from Germany • Dylog Hi Tech X-ray machines from Italy.
Multi-lane Multi-Aperture Metal Detector
May-June 2019 NEWS
Sustainable packaging at ‘tipping point’
PACKAGING is at a sustainability “tipping point”, with strong growth reported around the world for companies using ethical packaging. The tipping point comes as a result of factors including single-use plastic bans, China’s ban on importing foreign waste, and increasing media spotlight on the environmental impact of plastic pollution, according to a new report from Innova Market Insights (IMI).
The Top Ten Packaging Trends for 2019 report lists “recyclable by design” as its number one trend, with strong average annual growth from 2014-18 in food and beverage launches with an ethical packaging claim – Latin America (33 per cent), North America (19 per cent),
and Europe (10 per cent) are in the lead.
Additionally, paper-based and hybrid plastic alternatives are on the rise, with 40 per cent growth over the same period in new food launches with paper- based packaging.
The report also found expo- nential growth from 2016-18 in food and beverage launches in- volving recloseable or resealable closures, with an average annu- al growth rate of 92 per cent.
Following “recyclable by de- sign” were e-commerce readi- ness, a resurgence in “natural” paper-based packaging, con- sumer convenience, and IoT technologies such as QR codes and blockchain. ■
Infographic supplied by IMI.

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