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Food and beverage producers of all sizes can make major gains by viewing their labels as part of their marketing function, according to Steve Matthews from leading label printer Wrapt.
  IN crowded markets the ability to convey a clear message is key to a brand’s shelf appeal, and to the consumer’s purchase decision. In seven years, New Zealand label printer Wrapt has journeyed from start-up company to market-leading operation, largely on the basis of talking to food and beverage producers about how the label can be used as a highly effective marketing tool, and working with them to create a label strategy that does that, as in the case of Emerson’s.
Wrapt works with customers of all sizes, splitting them into three broad categories: the start-ups, the semi-established, and the established brands.
Each customer has specific needs, and for each Wrapt has specific solutions, whether for the local honey producer or the multinational brand owner.
Steve Matthews, managing director of Wrapt says, “We work closely with customers who appreciate our innovative approach. Whatever size and shape the customer, they are all looking for the same result, which is consumer appeal and purchase decisions. The label is key to this.”
From the day the business started the approach from Wrapt was not to tell customers what they could and couldn’t have, as is often the traditional approach, but to listen to what customers wanted, and then think about how that could be provided – and how Wrapt could innovate to the benefit of its customers.
Matthews says, “We provide our customers with an agility in their marketing that they may not have been used to in the past. They may want to ride along with an event or an occurrence – a rugby final, Easter, Christmas or the like – which we can provide for them, by way of a limited edition label, in a cost effective way.”
When it comes to printing power, Wrapt is fully equipped with the latest HP Indigo technology. Matthews says, “Everyone knows the quality from HP Indigo is unbeatable, so we have two of those
ABOVE LEFT: Wrapt’s leadership team alongside the HP Indigo 20000: (from left) Chris Wise, Dale Pfieler and Steve Matthews.
LEFT: Hunter’s Wines invested some of the money saved using Wrapt Labels’ print model back into its label design and finish.
ABOVE RIGHT: Shelf standout: Wrapt’s label work for Good George.
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