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         presses, a narrow web and wide web. We print self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging, and we can complete run lengths of 50 meters to
5000 metres and above. “We have some real power
under the hood. We use HP Mosaic software, for instance, that can produce a different image from the same design elements for every label printed.
The two digital HP Indigo presses give Wrapt the ability to produce short, medium and long run jobs. Matthews says, “Customers appreciate being able to stay with us.”
The flexibility that Wrapt offers its customers also applies to its approach to market; it operates in both a transactional model, and in a marketing solutions partnership model.
you have your baseline design there are many ways we can enhance and add value to that design. Often the label has been viewed as a cost, not a marketing opportunity, and for some of the start-up companies it may be their only marketing, and they are competing for the same shelf appeal as the big brands.”
At Hunters Wines, manager Edward Macdonald says, “Wrapt Labels has helped us get more out of our products. We invested some of the money we saved through using Wrapt Labels’ print model back into our label to get a result that best represents Hunter’s Wines.”
Steve Matthews says, “Customers consistently tell us they appreciate the thought we put into their goals. Many are surprised by the level of service we provide. The label can be a
Bespoke brewery Good George produces a core range of beers and ciders, plus seasonal variations in the garden city of Hamilton, with the business located in the old St Georges church, brewing and bottling on site.
Founded in 2011, in its early years the business was purchasing its labels across the Tasman out of Australia, from the same company it bought its first bottling line from. However, it had to order in bulk quantities, and plan the seasonal brews way in advance. It also incurred high freight costs including airfreight. And it had a high level of obsolescence. In 2018 it switched supplier to New Zealand based digital label print producer Wrapt, and reaped immediate benefits.
Chris Wise, general manager at Wrapt, says, “We are able to turn their seasonal range labels around in just seven days, allowing them to trial more ranges and test brews out to the market.
“Our offer was, print what you need, when you need it. There was no compromise in pricing, in fact some hard savings were achieved in unit rates and no origination, along with soft savings in obsolescence and freight.”
It is not just the speed, it’s the flexibilty with short runs lengths and the pricing that have seen the relationship strengthen through. Wise says, “In the two years we have been working together we have developed a great relationship with the Good George design team, and have worked closely with them developing new labels incorporating colour logic design,” Wise adds.
“They see us as a real value-add supplier.”
“Our success with Good George has been based on a combination of our competitiveness, our speed to market, our ability to produce their large runs on our HP Indigo 20000 and their smaller seasonal ranges on the HP Indigo 6800. And added into the mix is our technology with colour logic, our quality (we have won gold medals at Pride in Print with Good George labels), our high level of customer care, and our collaboration with their design team.”
 “ Often the label has been viewed as a cost, not a marketing opportunity, and for some of the start-up companies it may be their only marketing and they are competing for the same shelf appeal as big brands. ”
Matthews says, “Where we have a project on the go the customer just wants to be able to log on and order however many thousands or hundreds of thousands of labels with no fuss, and they can do that with either of our warehouse models – virtual or actual – depending on the requirement. And then for customers who are going through a rebrand, or launching a new product, or into a new market, we work closely on a relational basis with them.
“What we say to all customers and potential customers is talk to us before you are a long way down the track of the label design. Once
powerful tool for any brand, and Wrapt has the means and the methods to make that happen.”
Certainly, with consistent growth since its foundation seven years ago, and an ever-expanding portfolio of customers, all the indicators are that Wrapt has come up with a winning strategy for food and beverage producers of all sizes. ✷
To find out how Wrapt Labels can help your brand, contact Steve Matthews on e: stevem@
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