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Earle Roberts takes top job at Foodmach
Foodmach chief customer officer Earle Roberts has been appointed CEO after delivering a string of recent successes for the company.
EARLE Roberts became Foodmach’s CEO on 1 July. Roberts, former CEO of Fibre King, has served as CCO since March 2017, managing marketing and service as well as sales. He brings more than 25 years of experience to his new role, and says he is excited about Foodmach’s prospects and the opportunities for staff.
“Truly great businesses value their employees as much as their customers. We’re equally focused on our team members’ job satisfaction and skill development as we are on the development of smart factories and increased profitability for customers.
“My philosophy is that you can’t have one without the other,” he says.
As COO Roberts boosted
Lord of the fryers
Foodmach’s fortunes, including a hat trick at the APPMA Awards of Excellence in March, where the company collected awards for Best New Product, Customer Collaboration, and Best Imported Product.
“The industry needs to be brave to embrace innovation. There is a risk, but the commercial advantage is worth it,” he said as he accepted the Best New Product award.
Foodmach director Peter Marks spoke highly of Roberts’ leadership expertise and said he would be a valuable asset in the role of CEO.
“During his tenure as CCO, Earle conducted a strategic review of the business, successfully relaunched the Foodmach brand, revitalised the company’s customer-
focused service model and extended our product range. “Earle has the qualifications,
commitment and leadership credentials we’re looking for. Foodmach has a very clear vision for its future and we’re establishing an exceptional leadership team to get us there,” Marks says.
Fellow director Phillip Biggs added that Roberts is a “strong, dynamic and values-driven leader” with a good track record, who performs well even during tough economic times.
“His deep understanding of people, packaging lines, innovation development and the industry and the markets in which we operate will continue to be invaluable,”Biggs says.
Foodmach’s executive directors will retain their existing leadership roles. ✷
A lean production line can give food operators the efficiency they need to be in control and produce quality snack foods.
FROM fries and onion rings, to nuggets and fish sticks, preparing a variety of snacks can often use a number of fryers, each with different cooking requirements.
Food operators are looking for ways to keep production lines lean and to be in control of oil volumes, temperature and speed when cooking such snacks, as well as lowering costs, boosting productivity and increasing yield.
The Mastermatic Compact Fryers from Heat and Control are allowing food processors to cook a wide range of products on the same line.
The fryers have a low
oil volume to provide fast oil turnover for fresher products, as well as direct- heating without hot spots to promote product quality.
Food operators can
also control temperature and conveyor speed to simultaneously cook prepared foods and snacks, such as pellets, tortilla chips and fried noodles.
requiring only little floor space, the Mastermatic fryers are self- contained and available as an electrically heated, countertop size–Model450–orasa larger free-standing model – Model 700 – which can meet busy food service demands.
The efficiency of production lines with such technologies can give food processors the ability to add value to not only the products, but to
the business as well. ✷
With a large frying area
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