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KAESER Compressors’ new Sigma Air Manager 4.0 (SAM 4.0) technology joins the Internet of Things trend as a master control system for air production and treatment components.
SAM 4.0 can optimise pressure values, automatically adjusts compressor system air delivery in consideration to fluctuating pressure demand, and optimises system efficiency based on control losses, switching losses and pressure flexibility.
It features a patented optimisation method that can predict and calculate an achievable configuration and adjusts the connected components accordingly,
AIR COMPRESSOR COMPANY BOGE HAS released an anniversary compressor to celebrate its 111th year in manufacturing, featuring the company’s founder Otto Boge as part of its exclusive design.
The S 111-4 anniversary compressor featurs a bright white design instead of the typical Boge blue to emhasise the significance that the compressed air specialist attributes to this version of its screw compressor.
In addition, the machine includes a number of updated features, integrating its traditional status notification into the body of the machine to let users know the machine’s operating condition at a single glance with a visible LED light strip.
Boge has also enhanced its IE4 motor, power consumption and soundproofing standard in the S 111-4, and the machine is available with direct drive and frequency control.
Working at a sound level of 67 dBA and a dive capacity of 110 kW, the S 111-4 runs at a low speed of 1500 rpm, which ensures the machine is low-wear and low-maintenance.
Boge is based in Germany and is in its fourth generation as a family run company.
The Australian subsidiary of Boge Compressors operates in Victoria, where the Boge S 111-4 will only be available for the duration of this anniversary year.
MANUFACTURER Alfa Laval has released its new LeviMag mixer and includes capabilities of hygienic low-shear mixing, replaceable, low-maintenance bearings and can be run dry, to ensure efficient mixing to the last drop.
The new magnetic mixer operates at a range of speeds, as well as featuring a specially designed four-wing impeller to ensure high pumping efficiency.
The LeviMag mixer also includes levitating bearings to reduce costs, improve product safety and more uptime, as well as high strength stress-tolerant bearings,
which minimise the generation of wear particles that can contaminate the product.
“The LeviMag provides very gentle treatment as well as
superior mixing, unparalleled cleanability
and safe dry-running
capabilities,” said Alfa Laval portfolio manager
for mixers Michael Stenderup.
The Alfa Laval LeviMag magnetic mixer is available in
four sizes with mixing speeds ranging from 10 to 600 rpm.
AMS Instrumentation and Calibration has introduced a new range of hazardous location sensors from ECD to the Australian market, including pH detection.
The S88 pH Sensors have a two-way communication with its transmitter as it converts analogue signals from the electrode cartridge into a digital protocol.
When connected to an ECD digital analyser, the sensor’s stored information – including identity, measurement type and serial number – is uploaded to the analyser, and can configure both displays and outputs of the transmitter for the sensor’s measured parameter.
Alongside the pH sensors, the Model S88 Intelligent Sensors product line includes ORP, Ion Selective, Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity and Resistivity sensors, all of which have two universal sensor designs – insertion/ submersion, or valve retractable with flared end to prevent blow out.
The insertion sensor uses a 3⁄4” MNPT compression fitting as the process connection and accommodates installations in pipe tees, flow cells or through tank walls, allowing for variable insertion length.
For the valve retractable sensor, loosening the rear compression fitting allows the sensor to slide freely through its 1” ball valve and stop at the compression fitting, for either insertion into or retraction from the process.
The standard S88 sensors have 316 stainless steel housings and various materials of construction are also available to maximise sensor performance while minimising cost of ownership.
AMS Instrumentation and Calibration is the exclusive distributor for ECD products in the Australian region.
based on the specific pressure required by the user.
Users can also connect the SAM 4.0 to the Kaeser Sigma Network, which has been developed to support monitoring and coordinated control of compressed air stations.
SAM 4.0 is operated by a 12-inch colour touchscreen and can be managed in 30
languages, with future software updates available without the need to invest in new hardware.
Along with its aim to ensure operational reliability and efficiency, the new air manager will also help to reduce energy costs as a result of its air station monitoring and control.
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