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TECPRO Australia has added a new range of pipe clamps to its portfolio of technical industrial solutions, removing the need for pre-fabrication methods before installing spray bars.
Made and designed in Italy, the ZPN Mini Pipe
Clamps are a single spring, plastic clamp, which are
colour coded to indicate size, making it easy to connect pipes from 0.5-1 inch in diameter.
The ZPN Mini Pipe Clamps allow for any spray pipe to be assembled on-site without the need for special tools or welding equipment.
Once the spray holes are drilled where required, the clamps can be attached and the spray nozzles screwed in.
Tecpro Australia is the exclusive distributor of the ZPN Mini Pipe Clamps, and further provide a range of solutions, including spray nozzles, tank cleaning equipment and fogging nozzles.
FLUID processing solutions manufacturer Teralba Industries has expanded its range of clean-in-place (CIP) heaters, using Dimpleflo tubing to increase heat transfer co- efficients.
“Dimpleflo heat exchangers are used extensively across every food and beverage sector in Australia and New Zealand. This in mainly for
heating and cooling of products and beverages,” says Teralba sales engineer Greg Haak. “This particular variation of the Dimpleflo Multitube is engineered to handle line pressure
steam of up to 15 Bar (1500 kPa).”
The Dimpleflo CIP Heater is compact and has a smaller footprint than conventional heat
exchangers, and has reduced installation costs as a pressure reducing station is not required. Efficient heating of CIP solutions helps to ensure quality control and maintaining product
integrity for food and beverage businesses.
CLAMP-ON flowmeter producer Katronic has launched its latest development, the KATflow 180, offering results for gases in both high pressure and atmospheric pressure.
Introduced into Australia through AMS Instrumentation and Calibration, the KATflow 180 has the ability to measure gaseous flow in metal and steel pipes, due to to Katronic’s ‘lamb wave’ technology measuring the resonant frequency of the pipe.
Lamb wave transducers are excited at the resonant frequency of the pipe material, making the pipe wall act as both emitter and receiver of the ultrasonic pulses.
The stronger the signal, the more capable the KATflow 180 can compensate for the attenuation of the gas.
The KATflow 180 can be mounted permanently in Atex zone 1 or 2 hazardous areas, and can measure pipes from 2mm to 1.5m in diameter, with flow rates up to 75 m/s and pressures of 1 bar up to an unlimited maximum.
Treotham Automation has introduced a new range of igus polymers specifically designed for food contact, which optically and magnetically recognises any foreign materials interfering with food production and packaging.
The iglidur FC180 and igumid FC materials are both designed to detect materials for igus plain and spherical bearings. The materials are visually detectable by its blue colour, as well as by metal detectors, allowing for broken pieces to be quickly detected and removed in case of a damage to the system.
“Its low moisture absorption and lubrication-free property are additional criteria that speak in favour of the optimum suitability of the material in applications in the food technology, beverage and packaging industries,” says igus head of packaging industry management Lars Braun.
Igus has also introduced metal detectability for the igubal spherical bearings, combining the housing material – igumid FC – with the iglidur FC180 as spherical ball material, and allowing for self- adjusting igubal bearings.
Treotham Automation provides a range of igus bearing solutions to the Australian market, which help to meet machine requirement for the food industry.
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