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Melbourne-based manufacturer Fine Food Holdings (FFH) has introduced Parmesan Crisps and 3 Seed Crisps to its OB Finest premium cracker range.
FFH CEO Todd Wilson says they are excited about what innovations, like OB Finest Parmesan Crisps and OB Finest 3 Seed Crisps, offer the marketplace.
“It is our way of responding to our customers who continue to seek interesting and flavoursome products to meet ever-increasing consumer demand.
“We wish to meet and exceed their expectations with delicious premium products that are well-considered and add a point of difference. I believe, our creative and innovative line extensions do just that.”
OB Finest Parmesan Crisps are slowly baked until crisp, using 100 per cent aged
Nutty Bruce is introducing oat milk to the Australian market with its Roasted Almond & Oat Milk being launched nationally.
Containing only four ingredients – filtered water, whole grain organic oats, roasted organic almonds and a pinch of salt to balance flavours – the Nutty Bruce Roasted Almond & Oat Milk is organic and vegan, and has a creamier texture than traditional nut milks.
Nutty Bruce was launched three years ago as part of the Soulfresh brand portfolio. Soulfresh CEO Didi Lo says: “It is not surprising that the popularity of oat milk is
Winemaker Squealing Pig, part of the Treasury Wine Estates group, has added a new rosé gin to its portfolio. It combines a hint of rosé with 10 botanicals.
Parmesan cheese and sprinkled with black sesame seeds, while OB Finest 3 Seed Crisps use pumpkin, sesame and flaxseeds, ideal to complement with cheese, dips or other toppings.
The new crisp varieties are available in supermarkets and select retailers Australia-wide.
growing so quickly, as more people look for plant-milk substitutes that suit their needs.
“Oat milk provides a more neutral flavour than some nut milks, as well as a naturally thick and deliciously creamy texture that is great in cereals as well as frothing for coffees.”
It is available from independent supermarkets.
Australian fair trade brand Eloments has released five new flavours in its tea range, infused with 100 per cent natural vitamins and minerals.
The teas have extracted vitamins from holy basil, guava, amla, annatto, sesbania and lemon using a patented water-processing method, with more than 40 per cent of the recommended daily intake of vitamins including, B1, B2, C and Zinc.
The company says its vitamin tea range is crafted by Australian nutrition specialists and provides a number of benefits, such as increased energy levels, and digestive, immune system and metabolism support.
The flavours include Double Lemon, Ceylon Breakfast, Summer Orange, Egyptian Mint and Bourbon Vanilla.
Eloments tea can be purchased exclusively in Woolworths stores nationwide for an RRP of $7.50.
Treasury Wine Estates deputy chief marketing officer Angus Lilley says: “Gin is so popular at the moment and Squealing Pig Rosé is growing by sixty-seven per cent. Squealing Pig has had enormous success bringing some playfulness and fun to the typically serious wine category. This is the first gin sold in Australia that contains pinot noir rosé wine, sourced from Marlborough, New Zealand.”
Drinks expert Jason Crawley – who received the 2018 Australian Bar Awards’ Outstanding Contribution Award – worked as a consultant on the launch plans, and says the gin “really punches above its weight”.
“With an alluring pale salmon colour, it is dry, light and refreshing with subtle juniper, bright citrus flavours and balanced spices. The addition of the rosé wine gives it a delightful hint of lifted strawberry on the finish.”
Squealing Pig Rosé Gin (700ml) is now available to order and will be launching in store around the country in July. | July 2019 | Food&Drink business | 49

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