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70 the aisles.
Fespa Party Hofbrauhaus
The social event of Fespa was the Print21 Aussie Kiwi Fespa Party, held at the legendary Hofbrauhaus, with steins
71 for all – provided courtesy of sponsors Visual Connections and Starleaton.
Digital Textiles
Currie Group – Celebrating
70 years in print
Currie Group is the largest independent, privately owned supplier to the printing industry in Australia and New Zealand. The business began 70 years ago this month, with current chairman David Currie joining 50 years ago. Patrick Howard digs deep to reveal the lessons for all in building a sustainable business for the ages.
There’s gold in
them thar aisles
The world’s big wide format show, Fespa, gave printers the opportunity to check
34 out new markets. Print21 editor Wayne Robinson reports direct from the show.
Fespa Party SGIAA
SGIAA hosted a drinks reception for
the printing community over in Munich, more than welcome after a day traipsing
Paper 46
Super Colour powers up textile printer
Kiwi trade printer has seen a big boost to its quality and productivity after installing a new EFI Vutek FabriVu 340 UV-LED printer, supplied by Starleaton.
Digitally printed textiles to double to €4.9bn by 2023 Digital inkjet textile printing presents
a key growth segment, according to
the latest research from industry analysts Smithers Pira.
A bold new future:
Digital printing for textiles Print environmental analyst Laurel Brunner says there are serious ecological reasons that will drive the move into digital textile printing.
MIS: the DNA of print
Software is the DNA of a print business – shaping its processes, defining how it all works. Jake Nelson speaks to experts on how to find the MIS software that is right for you.
Going with the (work)flow
Jake Nelson looks at some of the most recent innovations from workflow software developers, all designed to enable you to gain maximum productivity from your plant.
printIQ expands with Infigo
printIQ insists it is much more than just an MIS and backs this up with the range of best in class software it delivers to the market. The latest addition is the UK- based Infigo e-commerce software.
Paper trade deficit plunges below $500m
The gap between paper imports and exports is declining, but it is not good
23 news, says Tim Woods from paper industry bible Pulp & Paper Edge.
Spicers diversifying for growth
Spicers CEO David Martin tells Print21
editor Wayne Robinson how the business
24 is leading the charge into diversification
as it enters new ownership.
Recycled coffee cup
paper coming
The country’s biggest printable material distributor, Ball & Doggett, is launching
27 Extract, a new stock made from recycled coffee cups.
Inplant evolving into life
Inplants have been in retreat from higher education, but are still prevalent in schools, legal offices, and in specialist areas. Print21 editor Wayne Robinson assesses the state of play.
School passes print test
Sydney Grammar School has now implemented what it says is a high- quality, affordable Canon solution
30 that lets its teachers get on with what they do best, as Jake Nelson discovered.
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