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People provide
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Printers are not only individuals, they’re also businesses. They’re press operators as well as business owners; ink-stained workers and wheeler-
dealer salespeople. They’re the essential small businesses, with more than 90 per cent of printing enterprises employing less than 10 people. They’re family run to a degree that gives the printing industry a special ‘people’ substance and style.
There are a few large printing companies, but even here the family influence is never far away. Geoff Selig is executive chairman of the publicly listed Ive Group, the second largest printer in the region. That rose from the foundation of Blue Star, which he and his brother, Paul, ran before the beginning of the private equity binge in the early years of the century.
Ovato, the largest if troubled printing company in the region, came from the marriage of the Hannan family’s IPMG with the publicly listed PMP. Now it looks like a reverse takeover as the Hannans buy up any spare shares at bargain basement prices. Whether they succeed or not it essentially leaves both of the largest printing companies with discernible family influences.
In this issue of Print21 the dynamic of individual ownership in printing is on display. With David Currie on the cover there can be no greater vindication of personal engagement. He took up the
printing engineering business his father, Bill, founded in 1947. Over half a century that has seen some of the largest suppliers go spectacularly bust, Currie Group stuck to its task, and is now the largest graphic arts supplier in the industry.
Much of this success is to do with the loyalty of his customers. This is a two-way traffic, with David Currie earning a solid reputation as a fair supplier who will go out of his way to assist a struggling customer.
It also proves that printers who own their own businesses prefer to deal with like- minded enterprises. If multinationals are comfortable dealing with large corporations, smaller companies like to know, and be able to pick up the phone and talk to, the ‘boss’ of their supplier.
“... it essentially leaves both of the largest printing companies with discernible family influences.”
Take a look (page 21) at the line-up of Currie Group customers who came forward to offer congratulations on the anniversary; individuals such as Leo Moio, Print
Media Group, one of the industry’s most successful printers; Craig Walker of IPG from Queensland; Michael MacDiarmid of
Sydney’ Emerald Press and John Wanless of Melbourne’s Bambra Press. They are all owners of mid-size printing businesses, larger than the shop fronts and franchises, but still far from being mega corporations. The relationships may have started off being commercial, but over the years have become firm friendships.
I’ve known David Currie since we first met in his Hawthorn offices on a cold windy Melbourne morning in 1992. I was fairly new to the industry; he was already a veteran. He was also kind and helpful. Over the succeeding years, I’ve chronicled his adventures, his triumphs and challenges, his successes and, I’m pleased to say,
very few failures. He was integral to the successful launch of Print21 magazine
in 2002. Few publishers have been lucky enough to have such a staunch supporter. For which I thank him.
Speaking of adventures, I’m changing my role with Print21 from this issue, stepping back a little, but not going far away. Editor at Large will be my title. It’s been a wonderful privilege over the years to write about your enterprises and your lives. I look forward to continue meeting with you, the people who make up the printing industry in our region, for many years to come. 21
Patrick Howard
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