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Cadets working
for CMYKhub
As the skills shortage continues to bite the print industry the nation’s biggest trade printer, CMYKhub, has taken matters into its own hands, offering a self-developed cadet programme for aspiring staff. Wayne Robinson reports.
The CMYKhub cadet programme aims to offer young people a pathway into print. Running over six months the cadetship
provides exposure in each of of prepress, wide format and digital printing, offset printing and finishing, and warehousing and dispatch. It also provides insight into sales and marketing.
Paul Norton, sales director
at CMYKhub said, “The cadet programme provides a solid foundation into print. It is for people looking for a great career, and who demonstrate a determination to develop themselves, a commitment to hard work, an enjoyment in being part of a great team, and a can-do attitude.
“Following the cadetship we hope to offer employment in spheres
that the individual has excelled
and enjoyed working in, or shows potential for further growth to develop into a leader in the business. If there is no obvious role after this six month period, we will look at other opportunities in our ever- evolving organisation to see if they will suit the individual better.”
Established two years ago the CMYKhub cadet programme has seen eight of the ten cadets that have gone through the programme still working for the business. It is available at any of the multiple sites operated around the country by the company, with cadets so far coming through the Victoria, NSW and Queensland locations.
Norton says, “The programme sees cadets gaining an understanding
of all aspects of the trade, and then gives them a platform to go on and specialise. For instance if they show an aptitude for offset printing then they would go on and develop, with our backing, into a fully fledged offset printer.”
According to Norton the cadetship is based on his own successful entry into print, and that of many of his peers. He says, “The classic Aussie
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path is to start at the bottom and work your way up, and that is the CMYKhub cadetship, and is my experience. It gives the cadet the opportunity to see where his natural skills are, and it gives the company the same opportunity. Then once that is established, CMYKhub backs it with training, knowing that the cadet has the right attitude and is committed to developing a skill set.”
Interestingly the cadet programme is not just for young people; there have been more mature people, including an ex golf pro, coming through the ranks. Norton says, “Print offers people the opportunity to work in a dynamic high tech environment, which is appealing.”
CMYKhub cadets and staff: (l-r) Michael Damalas, digital floor supervisor; Paul Norton, national sales director;
The cadet programme has been developed in-house by CMYKhub itself, and is, says Norton, mainly on-the-job. He says, “The approach
is to encourage the cadet to get stuck in with full support of course and see how they go.”
The company actively promotes its cadetship programme in schools through careers officers. Norton says, “If a student expresses and interest and shows the right attitude, we will invite them in for a chat. Generally they are usually really impressed when the see the high tech nature of the CMYKhub operation and realise they could eventually play an important role in the business.” 21
Sam Brikhia, estimator; Frank Liparota, digital finisher; Wayan Robin, dispatcher;
and Shannon Nankervis, Victorian digital manager
Cadet Focus: Wayan Robin, dispatcher, and Sam Brikhia, estimator
Print21: What appealed to you about the cadetship?
Wayan Robin: When I first viewed the
job advert I had no idea what the job was or entailed but I applied anyway because
it looked intriguing. On the first job interview I remember being engulfed by the feeling of amazement walking through such large scale machines and the amount of product being produced. I knew this was a type of organisation I have never encountered before and I felt it would
be a rather large learning curve to work here. I was placed well outside my comfort zone, but that was more satisfying, to know I would have to learn so much for this role.
P21: What variety of job roles have you experienced with the company? How to you think this will benefit you in the future? WR: My current main role is dispatch,
but this role allows me to move into many different other roles within finishing and packing when there are vacant positions.
I have had experience in many of the book binding machines. Learning how to use the many different types of machines in the factory allows me to become more flexible.
P21 What appealed to you about the cadetship?
Sam Brikhia: The cadetship offered an opportunity to try out a role in the company without being permanently cemented there. It allowed the flexibility of transferring departments should I feel that the area I was working in wasn’t enjoyable or the right fit for me.
P21: Did you have career aspirations to work in the print industry?
SB: I never considered printing as a career choice.
P21: What variety of job roles have you experienced with the company? How to you think this will benefit you in the future?
SB: I started in dispatch and am now working in quotes with both being beneficial in multiple ways.
P21: How did it feel to be promoted into your current estimating role?
SB: Knowing that CMYKhub had a
genuine vested interest in me to the point
of promoting me in under a year was a satisfying and gratifying feeling. It was nice to know that the company saw skills in me worth developing, and it motivates me to give back to a company that has belief in me.

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