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News updates from the printing industry
Advocating strongly for print
We have a new government. Prior to
the election PIAA has been engaging with both “parties
of government” to prosecute policy arguments in favour of the visual communications sector. Neither the Liberal nor Labor party inspires with either their track record in support
of SMEs, nor in their election policy offerings.
PIAA Board and executive staff have met with many government ministers and their opposition shadows
in particular regarding VET funding, work visas, energy reliability and cost, and Australia Post.
Small business, therefore
our industry, were facing a serious climate in industrial relations, and tax challenges with some ALP policy. However the track record of support
for the SME sector is weak from Coalition. Neither policy platform is optimal. The advocacy work that PIAA is doing has been recognised, with your Association being sought out for opinions from government, opposition and minor parties, as well as PIAA having been quoted in both the News Limited and Fairfax press during the campaign.
Energy policy remains
highly unstable, despite the Liberal Government finally making some progress with commitments on pricing structures. In an election campaign, with a six year track record of failure to deliver stable supply or price, these promises appear hollow. The position is not beneficial
for industry, and there is no consistent approach to working with the states to ensure abundant gas supply.
It is particularly disappoint- ing to see the failure of
the Liberal government in engaging with industry to formulate Vocational Education Training (VET) policy. VET is fundamental to training the next generation of print and
64 Print21 MAY/JUNE 2019
PIAA active and vigilant: CEO Andrew Macaulay
PIAA is active on many fronts advocating for the industry and print business owners. CEO Andrew Macaulay outlines the latest developments.
packaging apprentices, yet the federal government has failed to fund or support industry
in any meaningful way. The Labor Party has been more supportive. PIAA has worked closely with state governments of both Labor and Liberal to protect TAFE curriculum and state based funding. After success in Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, and NSW, we have held positive discussions with the Queensland government. We believe that positive announcements for our industry will be made shortly.
Hansen to VET SA
PIAA has secured the appointment of PIAA member Rob Hansen to the South Australian Government VET advisory committee to the SA Education Minister. This will be
critical to enhancement of VET policy in that state, and we aim to emulate this appointment in other states.
The industrial relations landscape continues to look bleak, with uncertainty on the definition of casual workers. Again, the Liberal government did little to resolve this situation during its previous term, so election campaign promises rang hollow. The position of the ACTU remains clear, and will entrench the effect of double dipping resulting from the recent casuals decisions. PIAA will be active and vigilant advocating for the protection of employers.
PIAA is excited and pleased to welcome all of the Kwik- Kopy Franchise Owners’ Association members into the industry peak body, thus ensuring that they are all protected and represented in the Fair Work Commission by the industry voice.
Media Super
With the continued assault
on industry superannuation funds of some politicians, the PIAA board felt that greater engagement in governance and oversight of our industry fund would be of benefit. The Hayne Royal Commission vindicated the management of funds like ours. PIAA has allocated greater resources to supporting Media Super, and I recently attended my first Media Super board meeting as elected member. Our industry fund continues to deliver above average results, and we commend the fund to all employers for consideration.
PIAA collaborated with
Rod Pierce of Smartcomm
to promote and organise an event in Brisbane to promote direct mail for promotion and commerce. We congratulate Rod on his vision and passion in driving this to fruition. The showcase was well received and highly successful by any measure, particularly in terms of numbers in attendance. Similar events will follow.
Planning and support
for PrintEx is ongoing, in collaboration with Visual Connections. An exciting speaker and exhibitor programme is in train, and
the National Print Awards
will be a highlight of the show. PIAA Board has refreshed its appointees to this process, and these members have made a significant contribution.
Print Awards
The National Print Awards entries have now closed, with significantly greater numbers of entries than last year. The quality is excellent, and the competition will be fierce. This is great for our industry, as the awards showcase excellence and innovation in our evolving sector. The Print Industry Creativity Awards through National Print Awards through Print 2 Parliament! programme is developing
well. LIA will participate with apprentice awards. The name tweak to PICA (craftsmanship changing to creativity) was well received universally.
An exciting development for the awards programme this year is the formation of an international expert judging panel.
The profile that Print 2 Parliament! brings to our industry started dialogue
with international print associations, and has
allowed us to attract some extraordinary talent to provide independent assessment.
PICA is a great way to celebrate your business
success with your staff
and customers, and we
will welcome all industry
to these events across the states that will showcase the excellence of print and visual communications. More details will be mailed to industry directly, as we commence the social and networking aspect of the awards programme. It
is particularly pleasing to see some long term contributors to the industry be nominated for personal recognition. 21

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