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A hop, skip and jump across the ditch
PrintNZ CEO Ruth Cobb says PrintEx is a great opportunity for Kiwi printers.
Trade shows are a
bit like print – they are tactile, deliver opportunities to learn, and they are not going anywhere. There are many of them held around the world, focusing on different parts of the industry, but in August Kiwis have a chance to head across the ditch and make the most of the trade show extravaganza that will be the PrintEx/Visual Impact/Label & Packaging Expo.
The combining of the three shows means there is something there for everyone covering print, digital, sign, packaging, and labels. Being able to see all of this in one show will provide an opportunity for attendees to look at areas of print they may not have investigated before.
It is a great way to learn about what’s hot, what’s fading, and what your company needs
to have or do right now. It’s
a great way to learn about
other sectors of the industry alongside what is happening in your own sector.
Trade shows are often the launchpad for new products, and having the opportunity
to look at new technology can stimulate ideas and creative ways to diversify your business. Meet with the vendors and take advantage of the combined expertise on their stands. Make the most of being able to ask questions in person and see the technology first hand.
A trade show is the perfect chance to talk to multiple vendors of the same product – take the time to understand the differences between brands and work out what would fit best with your business. Having all the vendors in one place can save a substantial amount of time trying to assess options, and allows you to make side-by- side comparisons. You can see
Great way to learn and liaise: Ruth Cobb, CEO PrintNZ
the physical evidence of what it is you are looking at and what it can produce.
As well as talking to the exhibitors, take the time to network with other attendees and pick their brains. There will be the chance to attend events as part of the show, so make
the most of it. PrintNZ will be hosting an evening for the Kiwis attending, and this is always
a rousing success. With the
aid of some liquid lubrication there is plenty of chatter about what everyone has seen, the latest and greatest, purchases being considered, and networks being established. Don’t underestimate the alliances that can be formed over a few drinks – our industry provides opportunities to collaborate, and where better to find potential partners on both sides of the Tasman.
Don’t be afraid to make yourself known to the press attending the trade shows either – both so they know about your business, and also because they will have the jump on what’s new, often having done in-depth stories leading up to the show. Don’t think of the magazines as something to read afterwards when you get back, use the knowledge they have while you are there – they will be keen to talk to attendees.
And learning, I cannot stress enough how many opportunities there are at these shows to gain a bit of knowledge – not just through
the exhibitions themselves. There are always seminars
that run alongside every tradeshow, and PrintEx/
Visual Connections/Label & Packaging Expo will be no different. There is a substantial series of forums and workshops scheduled that cover a broad range of topics, delivered by experts from both within the industry and externally, that can deliver new business ideas and new ways of thinking for your business success. Check the programme out before you leave so that you can plan to fit the ones you want to attend to
“I cannot stress enough how many opportunities there are at these shows togainabitof knowledge.”
your day. They often provide invaluable insights, and again, because they are done in such
a targeted location, there is often the opportunity to make direct contact with the speakers and follow through with them further after the show.
Using all the resources
that a trade show has to offer will allow you to be better educated about the industry and in turn better support
your clients and customers. Take the opportunity to look, listen, learn, and liaise. Bring an open mind, plenty of business cards and have fun. Yes have fun - nothing keeps you more motivated than having a good time while working.
It is easy to jump across to Sydney from anywhere in New Zealand, so I look forward to seeing as many Kiwis as possible at the show. It runs from Tuesday 16 August to Friday
19 August, so there is even the opportunity for a little R&R at the end in the Emerald City.
Remember, you don’t know what you don’t know, but attending a trade show just might help you discover some of it.
See you in Sydney. 21 Print21 MAY/JUNE 2019 65

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