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delivery of the Commando Reinforce- ment Training Cycle, the training it de- livers is now much more diverse.
“We are building up our role in delivering training and education to special forces support staff, who are the part of our organisation beyond the badged members. One of the key activities we undertake is the Tactical Integration Course, which focusses on people who have come from the wider Army and ADF and haven’t gone through the special forces rein- forcement pipeline,” Commandant SOTEC continued.
“We deliver a series of competencies to improve their ability to integrate within a small special forces team – the engineers, medics, signallers, logisti- cians and those kinds of people, who bring really necessary and specific skills into the organisation – and we deliver a suite of courses, such as close combat training and urban warfighting, so that they can integrate effectively into that small team. We’re focussed on improv- ing the whole of SOCOMD.”
Professional Military
Education Strategy
One of the major manifestations of the work SOTEC has been doing to put the ‘E’ into its name is the development of a holistic Professional Military Educa- tion Strategy, which will offer through- career education across SOCOMD.
Commandant SOTEC says the core principal of the PME strategy is to de- velop personnel throughout their career, so that when they are operating within a small team they will be capable of think- ing and acting more quickly than their adversaries or competitors.
“There are three broad lines of effort: the first is to increase their special opera- tions technical mastery – the day to day understanding of our roles, missions and tasks, from tactical through the opera- tional level to the strategic level and the in- terplay with national policy,” he detailed.
“The second element is to continue to reinforce the development of Spe- cial Operations Force (SF and SF Sup- port Staff) character attributes that we require to perform that distinct role in support of national policy. The third element is to reinforce our distinct SOCOMD culture, which is ultimately founded upon the enduring pursuit of excellence.”
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