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of its subcontractors from the Livingstone and Rockhampton local government re- gions that are adjacent to the training area.
“The LICP for the SWBTA remediation project is great news for local businesses in the Rockhampton area, we understand that the Managing Contractor has already been building linkages with the local workforce and working to understand the capacity of local businesses” Birrer added. “Local busi- nesses still have to be competitive, but the project is being structured in such a way that they will have the opportunity to com- pete and put forward the strengths they have, in terms of being able to assist with the delivery of the project.”
Indigenous companies will also have
the potential to benefit from the project, under Defence’s Indigenous Procurement Policy guidelines.
“We provide the Managing Contractor with the overall requirements of the project from a capability perspective. They will in turn hire the design services contractors to undertake the design and we’re encourag- ing them to deliver those design services in such a way that it maximises opportunities for local businesses,” Birrer said to ADM.
“An important part of that process is en- suring that the capacity of local industry is taken into account when the design is under- taken, and designs pitched at a level where lo- cal capacity can meet that demand and busi- nesses have an opportunity to bid for work.”
Urban environment training is available at the SWBTA.
Birrer adds that the Commonwealth Government is committed to ensuring that the level of opportunities for local business are maximised throughout the life of the projects. For example with the ASMTI project there will be opportuni- ties for industry in the initial construction of facilities and infrastructure on the ex- panded training area, as well as ongoing, year on year support for the ADF and SAF over the long term.
“Over the last 18 months, Department of Defence has been engaging closely with local industry in Central and North Queensland,” the Defence spokesperson said. “For example in May, Defence hosted a networking event for local industry in Rockhampton. Over 150 businesses at- tended, networking with shortlisted Man- aging Contractors and learning how they can get involved in the SWBTA projects.”
Defence Minister Marise Payne has also been actively involved in promot- ing the LICP in the Central and North Queensland. Earlier this year she hosted roundtables with local businesses and the Managing Contractors in Townsville and Rockhampton. It was an opportunity to discuss the LICPs as well as practical ways that local businesses could maximise their chances to be involved in these major De- fence projects.
THE Larrakeyah Defence Precinct in Darwin is set for a mas- sive program of upgrades with Minister for Defence Sena- tor Marise Payne announcing a $495 million package for the venerable site.
The first project, a $223 million base redevelopment, will address the upgrade of critical in-ground infrastruc- ture, support on-base growth over the next 25 years, and improve the working environment for Defence personnel.
Minister Payne said the second, concurrent $272 million Facilities to Support Naval Operations in the North project will deliver a new outer wharf to support the Royal Austra- lian Navy’s major surface combatant ships and submarines.
These wharves will have significant work done to them to accommodate larger ships such as the LHDs and have not seen this scale of work since their establishment decades ago.
“The project will enhance the ADF capacity to conduct operations and exercises in the north of Australia, while providing fuel storage and refuelling capabilities to meet current and projected demands,” Minister Payne said.
Both Larrakeyah Defence Precinct projects will be de- livered by Laing O’Rourke as Managing Contractor, with construction works scheduled to commence in late 2018 and due for completion by mid-2023.
A Local Industry Capability Plan aims to maximise op- portunities for small to medium local businesses in the Northern Territory to compete for and win sub-contract work on these projects.
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