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November-December 2018
The Wilco leak tester on NCI’s new integrated
aerosol production line.
TOP LEFT: Anthony Hengel, NCI CEO: Looking to add value for the customer.
LEFT: Line setting underway care of Angelo De Beer, the day shift operator.
BELOW: Welder Troy Timmins prepares to lead the afternoon shift team.
BOTTOM: The Clevertech palletiser in action.
reason for NCI’s longevity is a strong culture. I’d say it’s probably, first and foremost, a business founded on strong values, and they’re still in the business today. A lot of that’s got to do with caring for our people. Our rela- tionships with material suppliers, ma- chine suppliers, we have always kept open and strong. And we continue to look outside and into what others are doing around the world. NCI keeps challenging itself, and looking out for that next step, the next opportunity.”
The latest change, and major invest- ment, that NCI has made is to build a brand-new, top-tier aerosol line, using German-, Swiss- and Italian-made machinery that both increases speed and reduces material usage while en- suring the very best in quality. The line is capable of producing three can diameters 52mm, 57mm and 65mm with can heights from 100mm to 300mm across the range. The multi-
million-dollar investment includes automation and machinery from the best brands in the space: Soudronic welders, Lanico combination ma- chines, Wilco testers, and Clevertec line automation.
“What we’re able to do here with this shifting technology is bring what was a whole separate plant and put it into this integrated line, getting the synergy benefits of be- ing part of the bigger plant,” Hengel explains. “So right from slitting, welding, forming, seaming, leak testing, inspection and robotic pal- letising – we are using all new, all European sourced, state-of-the-art equipment. We’ve focused on that balance between speed, quality and changeover.”
The age-old adage is that you can either have something good or some- thing fast – but you can’t have both together. Hengel and his team at NCI have broken this paradox.
“If we look at more recent years,

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