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Exhibition space for AUSPACK 2019 is 100 per cent sold out and visitor registrations
are rolling in.
Group chair
and our waste management systems are no longer fit for purpose. We can no longer simply rely on consumers to solve the problem: we need gov- ernment and industry working side by side to create scaled, stan- dardised solutions to tackle packag- ing waste,” Geminder said.
“As passionate recyclers and innovators now is the time to set ambitious goals and drive the changes that can lead the indus- try to the End of Waste."
Geminder believes that to re- alise this vision, Australasia needs industry-wide collabora- tion to simplify the recycling process for consumers.
“Consumers should not be forced to choose between value and sus- tainability,” Geminder said. ■
PKN, 158 x 245 mm, Ergomodul, CC-en21-AZ113 10/18
#GermanBlingBling #Ergomodul
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