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November-December 2018 PACKAGING INNOVATION
My personal favourite Dow Packaging Innovation Award winner is the flat wine bottle invented by the aptly named Deliv- ering Happiness Limited, a British compa- ny trading as Garçon Wines. The flat wine bottle is specifically designed for e-com- merce in the UK so that it can fit through mail slots in the doors of UK homes. The primary package, a slender 750ml recycled PET bottle, lies flat in a dye-cut cavity in the same shape as the bottle within the postal pack in which it gets delivered. Us- ing 100 per cent post-consumer recycled PET instead of glass significantly reduces shipping weight and cost, eliminates potential breakage in transit and offers a more eco-friendly packaging material solu- tion than regular plastic or glass.
Australian-owned company RollsPack’s e-commerce solutions attracted attention at Pack Expo, along with the company’s wide range of flexible packaging. MD Phillip Rolls told PKN the company had exhibited at Pack Expo some ten years ago, and was keen to test the market anew. For e-commerce, the company was spruiking its tailored solutions in bags, satchels in plain or custom-printed designs, and with eco-friendly options to boot. Another
RollsPack highlight was the Versapak bag for secure transport of items like money or medical specimens.
An exciting new development specifi- cally designed for e-commerce distribu- tion by global preform specialist PTI is the Dromo, a PET bottle system for liquid and semi-viscous products. Thierry Fabozzi, CEO and president of PTI, demonstrated the patented first-of-its-kind system to PKN. The objective, he says, was to create a dispensing system that would support growing e-commerce product demands, survive the distribution channel without excessive secondary packaging and reduce
FAR LEFT: Specialist in on-demand packaging Packsize makes custom packaging machines, with software to sync them with online orders.
LEFT: RollsPack MD Phillip Rolls and New Zealand manager Craig Ashby with the Nespresso mailing bag for recycling coffee capsules.
BELOW LEFT: Delivering Happiness Limited’s flat wine bottle is an e-commerce solution that’s sure to bring joy
in the mail.
raw material consumption. Dromo does just that. Up to 75 per cent lighter in weight than traditional personal care PET bottles, the less than 10 gram, 16-ounce (473ml) PET refill has been designed to be inserted into an attractive, rigid, reusable dispenser. Several dispenser types have been engi- neered, each with specific features to ad- dress brand preferences. The bottles can be made from virgin PET or up to 100 per cent recycled PET.
Opposing flat side panels provide side- wall strength and facilitate stacking prior to shrink wrapping into optional double packs. Dromo bottles can also be sealed with a traditional threaded closure or ac- commodate a foil seal.
“Consumers have never been more vocal about reducing plastic packaging con- sumption. Along with this has come the significant shift in buying habits, moving away from retail stores toward e-com- merce. Different times, call for different packaging solutions and that’s what this innovation represents,” Fabozzi said.
In the on-demand carton box category, there were numerous exhibitors. One that stood out though was Packsize, which will also be exhibiting at the upcoming AUSPACK 2019 show in Melbourne. (You can read more about Packsize’s custom packaging machines on page 54 of this issue.)
PTI CEO Thierry Fabozzi (right) demonstrates the Dromo PET bottle system for e-commerce.

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