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November-December 2018
3ACCESSIBILITY & ON-THE-GO CanReseal apart from other liquids in flexible packaging.
resealing solutions is the deeply drawn socketed end that allows it to fit existing manufacturing lines. The caps are attached to the end when supplied to the filler.
Over on the Zip-Pak stand,
national sales manager for
Australia Michael Debono
told PKN the Zip 360 solu-
tion is currently much
sought after in the Austra-
lian market for dry food products. He said the wide mouth is popular for snack and cereal applications, and having a reseal so- lution means the branded packaging stays in the pantry, rather than being decanted.
Also attracting attention on the stand was the brand new patented flexible valve technology for liquid pouches called Valv- Pak. The closure system allows controlled dispensing and spill-proof containment of
LEFT: Canovation’s Daniel Zabaleta expounds the merits of the debuting CanReseal.
ABOVE: Michael Debono of Zip-Pak shows off the Zip 360, a hot favourite in Australia.
RIGHT: Amcor Flexibles’ on-the-go pack for Mentos combines PushPop technology with a Velcro Press-Lok closure.
Accessible and on-the-go packaging
was another strong trend. Included in this mix on the showfloor was packaging that is easy to open and reseal and makes life convenient by providing on-the-go snacking options and ready-to-eat or ready-to-heat meals.
Launched for the first time at Pack Expo, CanReseal is the name of a new design that enables cans to be resealed using a proprie- tary threaded socket design. PKN spoke to inventor and chief engineer of CanReseal, Daniel Zabaleta who claims this is the only fastener since the rivet that is made from the same material as the can end.
CanReseal cans are not to be confused with metal bottles, they are true cans in the sense that they must be broken into to be opened. According to Zabaleta, what sets
It’s a discrete flexible valve that yields when pressure is applied to the product compartment, dispensing the liquid. Air then reoccupies fills the ‘bubble’ compartment, closing the dis- pensing channel.
Zip-Pak says the one-handed technology is ideal for custom- ers who are on the go while the resealable and malleable pack- aging is simple and affordable.
It ticks two other trend boxes: as it’s leak proof and lightweight, it provides an e- commerce and eco-friendly solution
Amcor Flexibles, meanwhile, was show- ing off the Mentos Pure Fresh Gum Wallet packaged with its PushPop technology and Velcro Press-Lok closure, which ensures chewing gum is securely and easily sealed in its diminu-
tive pouch. Flat and
this is a category-
disrupting pack
that delivers a unique
experience for the con-
sumer and manufactur-
ing efficiencies for brand
owner Perfetti van Melle.
4SAFETY FIRST Australia manager
Product safety remains high on the
agenda (Australia’s recent strawberry scandal was cited by more than one exhibitor PKN spoke to) with new X-ray inspection and metal detection equipment launches offering more thorough scanning for foreign objects. Allied to the safety trend is brand protection, with sophisticated track-and-trace coding and marking and other protection devices in evidence. And of course, ensuring high hygiene and safety standards in the food production process is also a focus among all equipment suppliers.
A&D Inspection launched the ProteX Series X-ray inspection system, which made its formal debut at Pack Expo and lays claim to being the X-ray inspection machine with the most compact footprint on the market. Speaking at the launch,
Julian Horsley said the new series is also the industry’s most advanced im- aging technology to provide high de- tection sensitivity for a broad range of manufacturing ap- plications.
“Its imaging ca-
pabilities allow it
to detect the small-
est contaminants, while also conducting product integrity checks, from mass de- tection to missing component and shape detection.”
Bob Ries, product manager in the Product Inspection division of Thermo Fisher Scientific, walked PKN through the company’s latest release in inspection technology, the Sentinel 5000 Multiscan Metal Detector, which scans products in- line using five frequencies from 50 to 1000kHz and is ideal for the most chal- lenging applications, like cheese.
An ‘X-’ machine of a different kind is the X-Line high-speed thermoform pack- aging machine from Multivac.
CLOCKWISE FROM FAR LEFT: Innovation explained by A&D’s Julian Horsley, Thermo Fischer’s Bob Ries and Multivac’s Cem Yildirim
Yildirim about the X-Line’s key features. “The X-Line offers maximum packaging reliability, consistent pack quality and a
high level of process speed,” he said. “Thanks to seamless digitalisation, a com- prehensive sensor system and networking with the Multivac Cloud and Smart Servic- es, the X-line redefines thermoform packag-
ing and sets new standards in the market.” The X-Line comes with X-MAP, a gas flushing process that can be precisely controlled for packing with modified at- mosphere. Yildirim explained that users can operate the X-Line through its intui- tive HMI 3 multi-touch interface that cor- responds to the operating logic of today’s
mobile devices.
PKN heard from product manager Cem

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