Page 37 - Australian Defence Magazine - June 2018
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$2 million and $15 million are required to be notified to and agreed to by the PWC but may not be formally reviewed by the committee.
Project over $15 million require referral to and full consideration by the PWC, with approval granted by parliament. If in doubt, PWC has a look at the program, which may or may not need approval by parliament.
“ The Government will provide $41 million over four years to grow the Australian space industry.”
The PWC meets every Thursday that both houses of parliament are sitting, according to the committee secretary. PWC has met about 50 times both in Canberra and around the nation at various future facility sites this financial year, with Defence programs making up the bulk of their workload, roughly 60-70 per cent of hearings in any given year.
Budget papers provided an upcoming list of Defence programs that PWC is slated to look at in the coming 12 months, at both the major and medium project level. The 25 pro- grams cover a wide range of facilities around the country. For those particularly keen on this list, it can be found on P154 of the Portfolio Budget Statements for Defence.
The Government will provide $41.0 mil- lion over four years from 2018-19 to grow the Australian space industry, including by establishing a National Space Agency. | June 2018 | 37

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