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40 Years of successful contract negotiations
Scotwork has been part of major negotiations in Maritime, Aerospace, Land and Joint Systems and Projects. We help both Defence and Industry deliver better value and build stronger, sustainable commercial relationships.
We have global reach with a local focus and our successful skill development collaboration with both Defence and Industry confirms our ability to deliver on a wide range of course participants’ differing needs, skill levels and negotiating challenges to learn best practice mutual gain negotiation in a non-competitive environment.
2018 Defence and Industry open enrolment programs
17 - 19 July (Brisbane)
07 - 09 August (Adelaide)
28 - 30 August (Sydney)
25 - 27 September (Canberra)
Enquire now for availability Tel: +61 2 9281 4695 (Head office)
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Second Pass
3 July 2017*
Second Pass
5 July 2017
Second Pass
10 July 2017
Other Pass
3 October 2017
Second Pass
4 October 2017
Second Pass
4 October 2017
Second Pass
28 November 2017
Other Pass
25 January 2018
Other Pass
26 February 2018
there are a number of gaps that Defence industry is being asked to fill in.
Once again, calls as to where the DIIP website is go unanswered as they have done so for the past two years.
“The IIP website is still under development and will be launched in due course,” accord- ing to a statement from a Defence spokesper- son in the week leading up to the Budget.
The Budget has provided some excellent detail in some areas but lacks in others. The ‘to do list’ of first and second pass approv- als is now absent for security reasons. It also makes it much harder to hold govern- ment to account. Getting solid longitudi- nal data is difficult as definitions change, reporting levels vary and the organisation evolves. Piecing together the details from Defence’s annual report, Budget papers, ministerial releases and other public docu- ments is still an effort.
Defence industry is in a good place as government is slowly but surely delivering on the plans they have laid out since the Turnbull government took power. | June 2018 | 39

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