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Trade Printing
Left: Biggest installation in Australia: CMYKhub CEO Trent Nankervis and communications manager Glen Francis at the Melbourne print hub with the B2
The company has two B2 HP Indigo systems, one each for Melbourne
and Sydney. Nankervis says, “The B2 sheet size gives us a serious point of difference in the digital short run,
on demand market. We can produce digital products to the B2 space like A2 posters, landscape books, and presentation folders.”
CMYKhub also runs a Scodix digital embellishing press in both Melbourne and Sydney (also supplied and serviced by Currie Group).
Nankervis says, “The Indigo quality coupled with the range of embellishments the Scodix machine can produce, allows our resellers to create low cost, but high perceived value short run orders.”
The CMYKhub Indigo and offset production is rounded out by a comprehensive roll-fed and flatbed wide format production suite in the eastern states, with WA completing its installation in January.
CYMKhub now has a total of nine HP Indigo presses in its Australian network - by far the most of any local printer - and has had no trouble finding people to run the presses.
Nankervis says, “When we put a new one in lots of people put their hands up to train on them. We have had offset guys, prepress people
looking to upskill, even a couple of finishing staff.”
“We print to satisfy requirements of resellers, so deadlines can’t be moved because of machine down time. With the HP Indigo we really appreciate the service, support and back-up we have from Currie Group. All the Indigo presses are also self- diagnosing, and we have a 24-hour hotline to HP Indigo in Israel if we need to talk to someone there.”
David Currie says, “Currie Group is one of only two authorised HP Indigo trainers around the world. Thanks to the investment we have made we are able to train HP Indigo users around the country, both to operate the press and where appropriate to provide engineering input.”
Trent Nankervis says, “Installing five HP Indigo presses in one swoop I think shows that we believe
Indigo is now very much part of the CMYKhub value proposition. Our customers – printers around the country – need to know they will be receiving the highest quality print, and on time every time. With our UV offset presses and quality matching HP Indigo digital colour presses, I think we are showing the market that we are completely committed to achieving that.” 21
HP Indigo 10000 and the HP Indigo 5600.
CMYKhub digital kit
HP Indigo 10000
The B2 sized HP Indigo 10000 is the world’s best- selling B2 digital press, able to print at 1625 dpi at 4,600 sph. It handles a sheet size of 750 x 530mm and has the ability to print a wide range
of substrates.
HP Indigo 7800
The world’s best-selling A3 digital press, the seven- colour liquid ink system prints a two up sheet at 2438 x 2438 dpi HDI (High Definition Imaging) at up to 160 A4 pages a minutes. It prints in standard four-colour cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, with HP IndiChrome Plus seven-colour printing (adding orange, violet and green).
HP Indigo 7600
At 33 percent faster over the previous top speed, the sheet-fed press prints up to 160 pages per minute in Enhanced Productivity Mode. The HP Indigo 7600 also offers new high-value print effects, including raised print, textured embossing or debossing, and digital watermarking.
HP Indigo 5600
Capable of printing well over two million colour pages or five million monochrome pages per month, and compatible with 2500 certified substrates - the widest choice in the industry – the press prints on
a range of uncoated and coated papers as well as substrates such as synthetics, dark, transparent, metallic, and recycled media, and paperboard for folding cartons.
HP Indigo 5500
High definition dot placement technology gives 1219 dpi and zero dot gain for superior line work and micro text printing. It offers robust colour management with HP Professional Pantone emulation and ICC profiles.
HP Indigo 7r
The HP Indigo 7r is a productive and robust HP Indigo press – the result of a carefully crafted and executed reconditioning process at the HP Indigo factory. The press achieves print quality equivalent to a newly manufactured press and comes with a factory warranty.

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