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Trio merge to form Real Media Collective
The Australasian Catalogue Association (ACA) is merging with TSA Limited and the Australasian Paper Industry Association (APIA) to create the Real Media Collective, a new industry association aiming to promote the value of print and paper, reports Wayne Robinson.
There is a major shake-up in Industry Association land, with the Australasian Catalogue Association (ACA) merging
with TSA Limited and the Australasian Paper Industry Association (APIA) to form
what it says will be a strong and united industry position under The Real Media Collective brand.
The Real Media Collective Board has some of the industry heavyweights on board, including Kevin Slaven, CEO of PMP as chairman, Matt Aitken, COO from IVE Group as deputy chairman, and Rebecca Lowde, CEO of Salmat as treasurer. In addition John Wanless, Bambra Press and Craig Dunsford, PMP have been newly appointed to sit on the board alongside David Webster, Salmat; Mark Roberts, Australia Post; and Bernie Roberts, Webstar NZ.
Kellie Northwood will take the role as CEO of the new entity. She says, “Real Media pays homage to the physical and tactile nature of print and real connecting with real results, return on investment, engagement and activation.”
The merger follows a
year of review: the three Associations engaged with 127 stakeholders, hosting workshops in Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland, to develop the new
strategy, purpose and brand, which it termed The Real Media Collective. Northwood says, “Together, we represent $5.4bn of the $7.5bn Australian print industry, and have more clout when representing members.”
The merger was inspired by already established synergies between the three Associations and a common vision – a commitment to the growth and sustainability of the industry. Northwood has sat over the ACA, TSA Limited and APIA for some years and because of this an informal partnership already existed; this appears the natural progression. With a common management team and Board members, they have recently formed an industry coalition, which includes ACA, TSA, APIA, Visual Connections, ADMA, FIA and publishers, writing a list
of demands from industry to Australia Post.
The merger will see members benefit from a range of resources, initiatives and Government lobbying opportunities. They will also have access to lecture series events, the inaugural Awards program, Roy Morgan Research data (case studies and content showing the power of print compared to other channels), Porta (an industry metrics dashboard that provides reports of size and value across multiple sectors), and international
partnerships with the UK, Canada, Japan, and the US.
The Roy Morgan research, funded by Real Media, sees reports sent to major retailers and marketers highlighting print’s strong ROI and readership. Northwood says, “We are asking, do you read print marketing and how do you use it to choose what product you’re purchasing? The responses are resounding – Kiwis and Aussies love print.
“We particularly engage with customers of print, including print buyers, advertising and marketing agencies, educating, informing and presenting.”
– Kellie Northwood
“We are taking this research direct to the brands with the budgets to make sure they know to continue investing in print.”
Kevin Slaven, CEO PMP and chairman of The Real Media Collective says, “The ACA has been working closely with TSA Limited and APIA for some years now providing support and funding for TSA’s three campaigns. The ACA Board
believed a merger would form
a united front promoting the print and paper industries.
We saw that consolidating
our learnings, thinking and approaches would appropriately represent all sectors.”
Despite its heavyweight backing, The Real Media Collective is not just for the big players; membership is open to SMEs, which form the majority of the print industry, with membership fees starting at $500 a year.
Northwood says, “The Real Media Collective mission is to promote the benefits of print – our membership subscription model provides equal access for all. We particularly engage with customers of print, including print buyers, advertising and marketing agencies, educating, informing and presenting.
We lobby governments state and federal, and we work with vested interests, particularly Australia Post.”
Northwood says there is
no conflict with PIAA, of
whom she, Matt Aitken, and John Wanless have all been Board members. She says, “Working together where we can is important for all industry Associations and we look forward to continuing to work with PIAA, Visual Connections and other organisations where collaboration leads to positive outcomes for members. I have a

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