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Real data to drive
Looking ahead
As the year draws to a close, it is time to look ahead to 2019, and to the 20th anniversary of EFI’s Connect Conference, which takes place in January.
While Connect 2018 was the largest conference in the company’s history, Connect 2019 promises to be bigger and better. There will be more classroom space, educational breakout sessions, industry- relevant keynote speakers and networking opportunities.
Connect 2019 is the event to attend for anyone in the printing space, with EFI experts, peers and industry experts all in attendance. Four days of networking opportunities and education sessions cover everything you need to kick off a new year.
“If you are considering an EFI investment, Connect 2019 will offer more customer panels and success stories, as well as hands-on reporting and how- to sessions to ensure you are making the most of your EFI products and software,” says Megan Bisson, EFI regional marketing manager.
“With 200 sessions for beginner, intermediate, and advanced users, Connect 2019 will bring together a caucus
of experts to help you find answers to grow your business. Sessions will cover EFI MIS/ERP, web-to-print, Fiery and inkjet solutions, plus our packaging and corrugated eco-systems.
“It is an opportunity to tap into EFI’s expert knowledge and learn from industry peers, giving you the tools to go back to your business, and make the best decisions for the year ahead.”
Paul McMaster, IT manager with IVE Group Australia, described his first time at Connect 2018 as an amazing experience, noting the many opportunities to network and connect. “I have really made some strong connections with people including some of our customers,” he said. “It has been one of the most worthwhile conference events I have ever been to.”
Make sure Connect is in your diary for January 22-25 at the Wynn Las Vegas. Sign up today at registration/.
real decisions
EFI software developer Daniel Aloi blogs on the benefits of using real data.
What a year it has been. It all kicked off with EFI’s Connect 2018, giving an insight into what the future of printing will be looking like.
As the market continues to evolve, EFI is challenging printers to get
on board or risk being left behind. Key elements for printers now, and looking ahead, include artificial intelligence, robotics and big data. Mass personalisation, adaptive design and targeted marketing are areas where new technology can help the print industry to grow.
Access to real data via software
and automation offers businesses a huge competitive advantage. It is an amazing time in the print industry; gone are the days of gut feel, as automation becomes standard. It is about giving businesses the tools they need to grow and deliver the changing requirements of their customers.
EFI continues to lead the printing and packaging industry into automated software to drive efficiency and productivity. Our automated software covers
acquisition of a customer, estimating, management tools, pre-production, production and reporting.
We give our clients smart, integrated and automated software designed to increase visibility,
“Mass personalisation, adaptive design and targeted marketing are areas where new technology can help the print industry to grow.”
streamline business operations, reduce touchpoints, create new revenue streams, improve end-to-end efficiency and grow profitability.
Without all three – management, pre-production and production - working
together, it is difficult for a business to function efficiently, productively and profitably.
With EFI software, businesses can access real data in real time to make real decisions. There is no running around or guessing how long jobs will take. Access to this information is one of the features that makes EFI. We are taking the truth of the business and giving printers the tools to improve their efficiency and productivity. 21

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