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MAY / JUNE 2019
Western Australia has been awarded I- CAR Gold Class Collision status.
“Congratulations to Mitchell and the team at Leighton Panel & Paint. Through a combination of virtual classroom ses- sions, ITA training and participation in the I-CAR welding certification they ful- ly deserve the recognition of I-CAR Gold Class status,” said I-CAR's Gary Wood.
“Our industry is changing faster than ever before, understanding how to estimate vehicle damage correctly and understand the way repairs are to be undertaken and completed is now vitally important," said Mitchell Franks from Leighton Panel & Paint. "I-CAR training has been a large eye opener in these areas for our business. As most would know, it can be very difficult to get the required information from manu- facturers to generate estimates in a timely manner. The knowledge we have picked up through the on-going training has been very beneficial to being able to tackle many large jobs with confidence.
"All of our staff are very happy to finally achieve Gold Class status with I-CAR, all of the late nights in front of a screen have paid off,” Franks said.
“The Gold Class status is the highest level of I-CAR accreditation. Leighton Panel & Paint have fully committed to developing their knowledge and under- standing which will ensure that they have the technology and capabilities to deliver on every repair” said Wood.
training program for Australian techni- cians, for local body repair.
This new program provides an indus- try leading development pathway for body technicians, as well as providing a local cost-effective training and certifica- tion program for the Audi Approved Re- pairer network.
Audi Australia and Audi AG, in partner- ship with I-CAR Australia and the SAPE Group, have developed a program that not only includes international Audi recogni- tion, but also I-CAR international accredi- tation. The program utilises a state-of-the- art training facility in Sydney, with Audi approved special tooling and equipment.
“This partnership not only provides body technicians with the best platform to
New South Wales has been awarded I- CAR Gold Class Collision status.
“Michael and the team have been reg- ular participants in I-CAR training for a number of years. They made the decision
improve their knowledge and skills, but it supports our Audi approved repairer net- work with a sophisticated program that ensures our team is equipped with skills that lead the industry,” said Jerome Figu- iere, Aftersales Director at Audi Australia.
“I-CAR Australia has a long-standing relationship with Audi and this recent an- nouncement continues to shows our mu- tual commitment to delivering up-to-date, relevant body technician training to all Audi Approved Repairers,” said Mark Cz- vitkovits, CEO of I-CAR Australia.
On completion of the program, techni- cians receive joint certifications from Audi and I-CAR Platinum Individual, which supports Audi approved repairers to fulfil the requirement to become an I-CAR Gold Class repairer.
to join the Road to Gold 12 months ago and have now successfully met all the re- quirements. Through a combination of virtual classroom sessions, ITA training in conjunction with PPG and participa- tion in the I-CAR welding certification they fully deserve the recognition,” said I-CAR's GaryWood.
Michael Killen said: “Killen’s Smash Re- pairs is very proud to have achieved I-CAR Gold Class.We have valued I-CAR training since it began in Australia and believe that it provides direct benefits to our business in helping us to ensure that our repairs are completed to the highest possible standard and our clients can be confident that we are delivering the safest possible repair.
"We look forward to continuing our training commitment with I-CAR into the future.”
FROM LEFT: Stephen Moir from MTA WA and Mitchell Franks

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