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The Right Direction
“On the parts ordering side we’ve had Parts Check integrated into iBodyshop and it’s made the whole process unbe- lievably quicker and easier both for or- dering and the estimate as it prefills the list price for the parts you need.
“Another benefit for me has been a huge reduction in the paper mountain on my desk, which I always dread tack- ling. Instead of using paper now I use a tablet and take pictures of the accident damage and existing damage while I’m with the customer which makes more
everything transparent. It feels much more professional as well, doing it this way with the customer.”
Having everything in one system also makes invoicing faster and much less daunting. “Mark and I have been teaming up, showing each other fea- tures we’ve learnt which will mean that we can help each other out if needs be.”
Another great benefit of iBodshop is being able to really keep a track on eve- ry financial aspect of the business. “For instance in the last two weeks we’ve quoted $47,000 worth of business, I would never have had to time to add it all up and been aware of that before.”
“We quoting better now which means we're making more money.”
The team haven’t started logging on and off jobs yet, although everyone has been set up in the system. The plan is to start using this feature in June after taking a couple of months to become more familiar with the program.
“Ibodyshop is everything you want in a business management system, they’ve thought of everything,” Cara said.
Using Capricorn has been another rev- elation for ECPP in saving time and helping with cashflow forcasting. It
We haven’t dropped the ball in the day to day
running of the business and we’ve still maintained our focus on keeping our customers happy.”
streamlines all the suppliers with just one invoice and 60 days to pay.
The couple also extracted a lot of value from attending the Collision Repair Expo. “Mark wanted to get his eyes on the equipment and technologies and see it first hand and talk to the experts from the companies.”
In order to grow the business ECPP needs benches and a measuring system so that it can expand the scope of re- pairs and be able to carry out small chassis adjustments. SAPE was running a great deal where two Jollift benches only cost $1000 more than one, and hav- ing seen them on the show stand they ordered them and the benches are now installed. They’ll be used as benches only until a measuring system is ac-
Business coaching sessions
Working with Valspar on KPIs and business planning
Installing iBodyshop
Installing PartsCheck
Registered on Google
Creating a website
Signing up with Capricorn
Creating business brochures
Installing new IT equipment
Contacting I-CAR about a training program
NEW WORKSHOP EQUIPMENT: Velocity dust extracting systems, two Jollift benches
New staff uniforms

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