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Business Matters
been in business on Parramatta Road, Sydney for seven decades. Celebrating 73 years since its establishment, Peter Lake and Gerry McGillicuddy are determined to continue their reputation of providing high quality services at affordable costs.
The pair have substantial industry knowledge from their varied backgrounds, McGillicuddy started his working life as a tow truck driver and Lake as a panel beat- er. This know-how has been essential to keep up with the demands of a changing industry. "The industry used to be profit-
able, but now to make it profitable you have to work smart,“ said McGillicuddy. "We schedule our work the right way and purchas- ing has to be spot on."
After Lake and McGillicuddy purchased the business in 2017, they invested a substantial amount of money to increase the workflow of their facility, includ- ing a new concrete floor, new of- fices and staff facilities. They also invested in a baslac refinish sys- tem, a brand of BASF. "Using a quality paint system that you
don’t have to worry about, that’s why we choose baslac," said McGillicuddy. "It’s in- creased profitability through the paint job, reduced the amount of material used and we are making a profit instead of a cost.“
While Lake and McGillicuddy may agree to disagree about the future of the industry with varying opinions on the impact that autonomous cars will have on future careers, one thing they both agree on is the need for skilled labour. "It’s a complex industry now, people don’t realise the amount of work that goes into the electronic components of the modern car," said McGillicuddy.
They also agree that having great sup- ply partners is imperative in a changing industry. What makes a supply partner great? "Reliability and technical sup- port. We have both".
For more information call: (02) 8787 0100.
new spray booth includes glass front and sides, LED lighting, a fully programmable touchscreen interface and an inbuilt air turbulence system which promotes better curing by distributing hot air evenly. Plen- ty of glass also features on the new tint / mixing room, along with a minimalist fit- out combining stark white tiles and stain- less-steel surfaces.
Perhaps the biggest gain comes from the new double prep bay, says Cosford. “The new double prep bay and booth essentially give us two training areas. With built-in in- frared and UV light units on a rail system and dustless sanding units with MIRKA sanders, the prep bay is perfect for teaching modern repair techniques and effectives
ways to tackle smaller jobs with speed and quality.”
Along with paint system courses there are process-based courses covering topics such as SMART repairs, refinishing plas- tics or UV priming.
For more information on PPG training courses or to book a course call (NZ) 0800 477 487.
is a significant address for many Kiwi colli- sion repair professionals. The Auckland training centre has played a part in many careers and now it has come in for a total revamp. The major investment is all about continuing PPG’s high level of support for the local industry, while also mirroring what is happening in the wider market- place, according to NZ Training Manager, Luke Cosford. “Although the equipment was still operating well, we felt the facility should reflect industry best practice. It’s about highlighting what
customers can gain by researching the latest technology and reaping the benefits of reinvest- ing in new equipment. This leading-edge new training facility is the perfect place to showcase PPG’s advanced technol- ogy product range.”
Given it caters to a wide range of courses – from high level technician training through to information sessions for insur- ance personnel – a lot of thought went into the design phase. As well as incorporating ultra-modern, high productivity and ener- gy efficient equipment, every aspect of the facility benefits from ‘Lean’ methodologies – an area PPG personnel have had ongoing training in over the past several years. This ensures everything that is needed is easily at hand, yet it eliminates the unnecessary clutter which causes inefficiencies. The

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