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Measuring and Alignment
MAY / JUNE 2019
CELETTE Naja Evolution 3D software utilises measurements from OEM-provided 3-D CAD drawings for what the company say is the most accurate measuring system in the industry. The Naja measuring system is composed of a graduated scale with sliding measuring arm connected wirelessly through Bluetooth and is available from SAPE.
Enables measurements to verify and repair all vehicles, with or without mechanical parts installed. See vehicle real time measurments during pull process.
PointX is a light and easy to use, hand held damage diagnostic tool.. The lightweight, efficient measuring arm, in combination with Car-O-Data combines as an affordable measuring system that allows you to accurately and quickly target measuring points.
Constructed in super lightweight carbon fibre, the PointX measuring arm makes it easy for technicians to manoeuvre completely around the vehicles. Not only is PointX easy to operate, it is also driven with Vision2 Software, a photo- based system that guides the entire repair process.
PRESTIGE REPAIRSCar Bench supplies the automotive industry with the absolute innovative electronic system
“Contact Evolution”. Reliable, precise and customer friendly the Contact Evolution is a product meeting the requirements of both the OEMS, insurance companies and automotive repair- ers. Car Bench has kept ahead of new technologies and devel- oped its hardware using aluminium and carbon fibre andthe latest generation encoders to control the 5 axis movements. This combination of materials makes it very light and strong and extremely practical.
The electronic measuring system can be mounted onto the Car Bench frames or works independently on the floor. A versa- tile system and caters for both underbody and upper body measuring capability.
More information from NCS: Call 0403 118855 or visit:
• Wireless Bluetooth Software
• Diagnostics at 0.5mm Tolerance • Calibration Check Bar for ISO
• Vehicle Data, comparative and
point to point data
• Naja Evolution 3D Capabilities: • Dual Targeting
• Real Vehicle Imaging
• Add custom symmetrical points
Autorobot EzCalipre is an advanced 2/3D measuring device for the exact verification of vehicle chassis and body condition and for damage documentation. The new tram gauge is
easily portable and movable, it can be
used for 2/3D measuring anywhere assisting in easy damage estimation. EzCalipre’s technique is supported by Autorobot’s own, very comprehensive vehicle
data files (approximately 60 reference points per vehicle). Autorobot EzCalipre tram gauge uses wireless WLAN technique and it has a very unique capability to register height differences in vehicle measures.
• Applicable everywhere
• Modern data transfer
• Comprehensive damage
• Wireless data transfer
• Control the whole vehicle body
• Consistent quality control

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