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spectrophotometer devices branded the Acquire Standard and Acquire Quantum EFX. They are available with Axalta’s pre- mium global refinish brands including each brand's colour management software – Standowin iQ for Standox, Phoenix for Spies Hecker and ChromaWeb for Cromax - offering thousands of formulas from glob- al automotive manufacturers.
Put simply, the spectrophotometer offers a more efficient way to match colours right the first time, optimising work flow pro- cesses to help bodyshops save time. Hav- ing a spectrophotometer in a bodyshop is a huge benefit, but knowing how to get the best use out of it is even better.
• Make sure the spectrophotometer unit has full charge prior to usage. Always use lithium batteries in unit.
• Store the unit in its case and in a cool, dry environment.
• Calibrate the unit prior to taking readings.
• As temperature and humidity changes throughout the day, you should re-cali-
brate prior to taking readings.
• Never use the unit to read a panel that is hotter than room temperature as this will affect the accuracy of the reading.
• Only read an area that is free from scratches or chips and close to the re- pair area. Never read a dirty or unsuit- able panel.
• Ensure the panel to be read is free from polish or other contaminants that may affect the reading.
• For best results, take readings in shady area, (to prevent light leakage that may affect the reading) and make sure you move the spectro and not just ‘rock’ it on the same spot.
• Ensure the lens cover is removed pri- or to use and replaced immediately after use.
• Avoid reading a curved panel as light may ‘leak in’ and affect accuracy.
• Always spray out a test card to check for accuracy.
• For better results, search using the manufacturer and paint code.
For more information on Axalta, visit
TOP: Correct way to use spectrometer. ABOVE: Incorrect way to use spectrometer.
With ambient drying, the Sikkens Auto- clear Aerodry also achieves impressive re- sults, and delivers high gloss. It can be can be polished in one hour.
A simple 1:1 mixing ratio and excellent sprayability makes this product very easy to use and will greatly reduce mixing and application errors. With no need to use reducer or accelerator, the body shops’ in- ventory will also be reduced.
Sikkens Autoclear Aerodry delivers premium gloss and is compatible with the latest waterborne basecoat genera- tion Sikkens Autowave MM2.0, however it can also be used as a part of a solvent borne system.
The overall result of this new genera- tion Clearcoat is unmatched flexibility and the ultimate sustainability for the business and for the environment.
will help repairers to take productivity and workshop efficiencies to a whole new level.
Bodyshops across the country are under pressure to paint more jobs per day, however, with an average baking cycle of 30 minutes, spray booth processing ca- pacity can be limited.
With new Sikkens Au- toclear Aerodry, and its remarkable five-minute baking time, repairers can process more cars through the spraybooth. They also have a choice of
ambient drying for 45 minutes at 20C, which provides flexibility for the owners in choosing the repair methods that suit
a bodyshop’s flow.
One Stop application process with virtually no flash off time fur- ther decreases applica-
tion time.
Apart from the im-
proved utilisation of the spraybooth, the new Sikkens Clear delivers significant savings of gas and electricity con- sumption, on average upto50–60%.

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