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Paint technology
it’s safe and easy to use 151-170 UV Primer Filler, grey helps to reduce pro- cess times, energy and waste
Since Glasurit’s 151-170 UV Primer Filler was introduced into the market, customers have loved the product’s effi- ciency and results.
Glen Cahill, Managing Director of Coulson Body Repairs in Wollongong, NSW, was one of the first shops to use the 151-170 UV Primer Filler. “We have faster repair times from start to finish, we trust the product and we have had no dramas with it at all, it has been an ab- solute winner,” said Cahill.
Mark McDonnell of Toombul Road Paint & Panel in Queensland also agrees. “We have a quicker turnaround, it’s bril- liant” said Mark, “It saves some time and our painters love it.”
Since receiving global certification by
Ford Motor Company, Glasurit 151-170 UV Primer Filler has become a must have product in bodyshops.
For the primer filler, Glasurit uses UV-A technology. A special lamp trans- mits long-wave ultraviolet light, referred to as UV-A radiation. This radiation brings about quicker drying than any other heat source commonly used in bodyshops, enabling the primer filler to literally dry at the speed of light. Com- pared to oven and infrared drying, with the primer filler and UV-A technology, bodyshops can therefore substantially save energy costs and drying time. The size of the repair is limited only by the size of the light source in the bodyshop.
The UV-A technology also offers body- shops other benefits. Unlike oven and infrared drying, no heat develops with UV-A radiation which saves process times because it eliminates the need for
a cooling phase. It also prevents plastic bumpers from becoming deformed dur- ing the refinishing process and has oc- cupational safety advantages too. Be- cause UV-A radiation is the least harmful part of ultraviolet light, the technology is so safe and easy for bodyshops to use there’s no need for a separate work area in the bodyshop.
The product is easy to use, and be- cause it requires neither hardener nor thinner additives and once it's in the cup, it has a shelf life of several days which helps prevent waste.
It is used extensively at the Glasurit Refinish Competence Centre during training courses and feedback from del- egates has been positive. “They [dele- gates] didn’t realise how good it was,” said Peter Jones, Glasurit National Head Trainer, “now they see the advantages of it and see the benefits of using it.”
Speed up production with Glasurit’s UV primer filler.

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