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Paint technology
digital application in the industry, and it can be accessed from any device or plat- form. It is packed full of useful features, which AkzoNobel’s system users can en- joy at the tips of their fingers.
MIXIT Cloud retrieves colourcolour formulas directly from AkzoNobel’s for- mula database, so virtually minutes af- ter a new formula is completed by an AkzoNobel formulation centre, it is available in MIXIT.
As MIXIT is an online system, all us- er’s data is stored in AkzoNobel’s serv- ers. So, unlike a PC based formula re- trieval system, there is zero risk of customers losing their colour history and work order history if their computer breaks down.
Account holders in MIXIT Cloud can invite other users to their account and share own colours. Distributors can share own colours with their customers, and multisite bodyshop chains can share own colours between outlets.
As MIXIT is web-based, any problems that are found can be solved quickly, and new features and enhancements can be delivered more frequently as there is no need to pack-
age and distribute soft- ware updates - whereas with PC based formu-
la retrieval systems, program bugs can be present for months until an update is made available.
eliminate a whole step from a repair pro- cess but this is exactly what PPG’s new LVA-650 EnviroLOCK Plastic Primer Converter lets you do.
How many jobs flowing through your collision centre involve refinishing some sort of plastic component? For most repair- ers, the answer is plenty and that means lots of potential to streamline your process. PPG’s R&D engineers have come up with an innovative new solution for dealing with plastics which slashes the job cost (both process time and material usage) over the conventional method. As part of PPG’s market leading LV range, LVA-650 Envi- roLOCK Plastic Primer Converter, is de- signed to work with EnviroLOCK Primer and is manufactured locally at PPG’s Clay- ton, Melbourne production facility.
The introduction of LVA-650 is all about us- ing the latest coatings technology to slash cycle-time. As a result, LVA-650 gets the crucial plastic adhesion promotor phase done without requiring a whole additional step. Rather than the conventional method of applying D820 Plastics Adhesion Pro- moter and waiting for it to flash-off before applying primer, LVA-650 offers a slick al- ternative. When mixing EnviroLOCK Prim-
An integral part of AkzoNobel proprie- tary colourvation toolbox, MIXIT will bring many tangible benefits to the repair- ers who seek faster, easier and precise col- our retrieval workflow.
er for a job involving plastic components, merely substitute LVA-650 for the recom- mended amount of thinner in the formula- tion. For example, if the formulation has 100ml of thinner, instead add 100ml of LVA- 650 and no thinner. After adding the required hardener, the primer is applied as per normal over both the plastic components and other substrates approved for EnviroLOCK Primer. Prior to priming, the preparation of plastic substrates and other surfaces is carried out in the usual way.
While the application and drying char- acteristics are unaffected, the LVA-650 in the formulation goes to work providing adhesion promoting properties on any commonly used plastic components it’s applied to. Material cost is effectively halved because LVA-650 replaces the thin- ner and D820 is not required. Dtailed comparison tests have shown that using LVA-650 can reduce the job cost by over 40 percent. It should be noted that for jobs which must be repaired to an OEM ap- proval standard, D820 Plastic Adhesion Promoter remains the option to use. This is because it has already been authorised for use as part of the overall approval pro- cess with vehicle OEMs.
More information on: 13 24 24 (Aust) or 0800 320 320 (NZ).

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