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Tasman Foods – Stand J28
Carman’s Fine Foods – Stand C35
For over 25 years, Carman’s Kitchen has been committed to creating delicious breakfast and snacking products, made right here in Australia from the most wholesome ingredients. Founded by Carolyn Creswell, then an 18-year-old university student, Carman’s has evolved into Australia’s number one nutritious snacking brand, but remains true to its core purpose – making real food, with real passion.
At Foodservice Australia, Carman’s is launching Super Seed & Grain Crackers in perfect on-the-go packaging, with gourmet salsa from Beerenberg
in a handy tub. Try it for yourself at
the Carman’s stand.
Tasman Foods’ Sandwich Bun or Gua Bao is a light and fluffy Asian-inspired bun, popular across restaurants nationally. Its simplicity and versatility means it can be used in a variety of applications, whether it’s with pulled pork, slaw and chilli mayo; smoked tofu with cucumber and hoisin sauce; or even deep-fried and served with ice cream. Available in a variety of flavours (original, charcoal, green tea), they are quick to prepare, easy to
fill and simple for customers eat
without the use of cutlery.
Williams Warn – Stand D24
WilliamsWarn provides a small-footprint craft beer and cider brewing solution that scales from 50 or 100 litres per week for a single tap, to hundreds of litres for multi- tap, multi-venue scenarios. At the show, WilliamsWarn
is launching a new 150 Litre BrewKeg. Capital outlay is as little as $2,000 to manufacture your own-brand world-class beer or cider from $100 per 50 litres.
Find out how a single tap of your own beer or cider can generate an additional five- figure bottom-line contribution
every year.

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