Page 5 - GM-Skillet Man
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     The Caveman told the Stranger to come into his cave and get out of the weather. The Stranger put down his bundle and thanked the Caveman. “You are not from around here are you,” asked the Caveman. “No” replied the Stranger. “I come from far to the south of here and have been traveling for almost two years.”
The Stranger then spent many hours telling the Caveman of his adventures. He told of crossing a great desert, explaining to the Caveman that a desert is a place where it never rains. He told of crossing mountains so tall that the tops were coated in snow all year long. He described all of the different kinds of people he met during his travels.
The Stranger said that most of the people he met were nice but a few were not. The Caveman was amazed at the stories and was happy to have someone interesting to talk with on this wet evening.

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