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 As the sun began to set, the Caveman asked if the Stranger was hungry and the Stranger replied that he was starved. The Caveman pulled out all of the food that he had stored in his cave. “I have dried meat, tough but good. I also have the last of my fruit and a few root crops like potatoes and carrots.”
The Stranger looked at the food and asked, “Well let’s cook something.” The Caveman looked confused and said, “What is cooked.” The Stranger smiled a wise smile and said, “I think you may enjoy some of the things that I brought with me. Some very smart people from far to the east of here gave them to me and taught me how to use them.” The Caveman was interested and wanted to see what the Stranger had brought with him.
The Stranger then told the Caveman, “Please go into the woods and get us some leaves, small twigs and medium size branches.” The Caveman asked, “What will I do with it?” The Stranger replied, “You will see, very soon.”

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