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Fable Summaries Book 4b
Polly Perfect: (Perfectionism/Bullying) Some of us develop a sense of “entitlement” and assume that life and the people in should behave in ways that fit our expectations. This may get you what you want occasionally but as with Polly, “being perfect” has a down side. We can push ourselves and others toward these expectations without realizing that this Perfectionistic Thinking has so many negative consequences that it becomes self-defeating. This need stems from the irrational (Stinky) beliefs, "Everything should go my way and I should always get what I want” and “I’m bad if I make a mistake.” There are children that don't realize the problems that their need to be (or be perceived as) "PERFECT” will cause them
Injustice Collectors: (Anger/Self-Discipline) Many of us admire qualities that are actually “problem makers” and we may fail to discourage them in our children. This story is about a very typical example of this ... “Holding Grudges”. You will learn about the crystal spheres of an Injustice Collector. Humans have cornered the market on “holding grudges,” and “getting even” We may be the only animal species that holds a grudge. We may be the only one that can justify present behavior on the actions of others in the distant past. We may be the only one that will engage in despicable behavior and are able to justify it on the flimsiest misinterpretation of the motives of others. As a species, we have cornered the market on Injustice Collecting.
Black and White Kingdom: (Self-Control/Self-Confidence) We can become comfortable with our misinterpretations of reality. This may cause us problems but we don’t want to change our perceptions and behaviors even when given guidance from others. A significant life issue that is hard to explain is “back sliding” or relapsing into old bad habits. The Coping Skills stories emphases our ability to choose. his ability to choose is not about "free will" but about selecting our most appropriate "self-messages”. Learning to do this skill will be so unusual that it will be like looking at the world through a pair of “Magic Glasses”.
Too Smart Dog: (Self-Discipline/Personal Responsibility) It is often difficult to stick with a good decision. This story will help your child understand that if they evaluate an issue, consider the alternative ways dealing with it and choose a good response ... they should stick with it. One of the most difficult skills for many of us to develop is the ability to do what we know is right in a situation even when others want us to do something different. In Coping Skills series of stories, we refer to it as doing what is in your “Long Term Best Self-Interest” and we assume that you are using Good Thinking.

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