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Fable Summaries Book 5a
Collard Green Garden: (Manipulation/Anxiety) Manipulation occurs all day, everywhere. But that does not mean that you should manipulate or be the victim of manipulation. This story will help your child recognize manipulation and develop the skills to deal with it. Manipulation comes in many variations and we must learn how to recognize and deal with it or others will be able to control us. How many of us have regretfully said, “I knew it was foolish before I did it but I was just feeling so guilty (ashamed, afraid)”. We must accept that without our active participation... our own “Stinky Thinking” this manipulation could not occur.
Gold to Lead: (Anxiety/ Academic Success) There are some undesirable self- messages that are so common that we see them as “natural”. This story will help your child recognize these “natural” self-messages and how they can “challenge” and change them. Acceptance of guidance from others and not letting your past mistakes and failures determine your future are important skills to develop. We need to understand that it exists because of the limited and frequently irrational belief system of children.
Mousy Mouse has a Bad Day: (Self-Acceptance/ Anxiety) There are some of us that tend to see everything in a “negative light”. It is important to understand that this is the result of your self-talk, that you can control. Mousy is never able to do that and always has a “Bad Day”. This story is about learning that the habit of comparing ourselves to others and over valuing the opinion of others can lead us to a habit of unhappiness.
Tree of Happiness parts 1&2: (Self-Acceptance/Self-Discipline) What if there is a Tree of Happiness and all you have to do to be happy is to enter it. This story will help your child understand that there will be many “Tasks” involved in being able to enter the “Tree”. These are “Tasks” for all of us. This story is about overcoming adversity both internal and external and learning that the “Tree of Happiness” is within each of us.

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