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Fable Summaries Book 1a
The Trying Medal: (Anxiety/Self-Control) Sometimes a “trick” is more valuable than all the fussing, punishing and begging we do to change certain behaviors. The skill your child will learn in this story is one of the greatest you can give them.
Asking A Question: (Social Skills) There are some social skills that need to be learned early and well. Asking a question will be an important skill as your child starts school and for social interactions throughout their life.
Beeing Mean to Me: (Anger/Social Skills) Blaming others instead of taking personal responsibility will cause your child a lot of problems. But there are “Good Thinking” skills to change this behavior rather than just punishing their unwillingness to accept responsibly for their behaviors.
The Character Tree: (Social Skills/Self-Acceptance) Instead of always focusing on his limitations, this tree did everything possible to make himself happy and to be kind and helpful to others. Because of this, he was liked and admired by the birds and is used by them as the example of, “Having Character”.
Dealing with Change: (Anxiety/Self-Acceptance) There are few words that can generate more anxiety than “CHANGE”. But to be successful and happy, we should embrace change, not fear it and the time to start this is when you are young.
The Last Dinosaur: (Social Skills/Personal Control) This theme is so important that it is offered for even the youngest children. You have choices about how you think, feel and behave. Good choices and you get to be the “Last Dinosaur”. Poor choices and you are “extinct”.
Selfish Shellfish: (Selfishness/Jealousy) Selfishness seems to be part of our DNA. This short story will help even young children recognize that being selfish or jealous of others are qualities that lead to unhappiness.

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