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Character... “What is it and how do you get it?”
There is a lot of concern about a lack of character in our children and adults. The Coping Skills series of fables talks about developing “Character Self-Talk.” It may seem obvious but the qualities we associate with the word Character are the result of overriding our natural tendencies to be jealous, vengeful, demanding, inconsiderate, self-serving and on and on. To overcome these tendencies you need a large and “powerful” repertorie of Character (Coping) Self-Messages. This self-talk must be able to override fear, anxiety, and embarrassment as well as peer pressure and the disapproval of “powerful” adults. Although every fables in the series has some of these character self-messages, some are particularly useful in teaching “Character Skills”.
This booklet uses "abbreviated summaries". More complete summaries are available at "Adventure Topics" of website. fables increase in length and complexity as you go down the "bookcase". All stories are audio enhanced.

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